VIDEO: Fashion Romance 2015 – Behind the Scenes

Fashion Romance 2015

Surrey fashion designer Davi Bains-Gill of Armaan DBG Fashion Boutique recently held her 2015 Fashion Romance event at the Royal King Palace in Surrey BC. The extraordinary evening began with a champagne reception and mingling with glamorously outfitted local celebrities and luminaries of the community – many wearing custom Armaan designs.

VIDEO: Go Behind the Scenes at Fashion Romance 2015

WATCH: Surrey604 boys Daman (Beatler) Beatty, Sukh Johal and Esmir Milavic, the Bosnian Beast take you out for a night of action at Surrey’s Fashion Romance 2015. Catch breathtaking highlights from this spectacular Bollywood fashion show and join us backstage with stunningly gorgeous models primping and prepping for the runway! Sukh Johal works the crowd and grabs an exclusive interview with Armaan DBG Fashion designer Davi Bains-Gill herself!

fashion romance nira arora dean atwal
Sukh Johal speaks with hosts The Beat 94.5’s Nira Arora and JoyTV’s Dean Atwal.

sukh johal and esmir milavic
Sukh Johal and Esmir Milavic at the Champagne Reception.

daman beatty and sukh johal
Daman Beatty and Sukh Johal at the Royal King Palace Bar.

sukh johal and bollywood model
Sukh Johal interviewing a Fashion Romance 2015 model backstage.

sukh johal interviews davi bains gill armaan dbg
Sukh Johal interviewing fashion designer Davi Bains-Gill of Armaan DBG.

Dedicated to the memory of Davi’s parents, the night’s entertainment was an enchanting and magical Bollywood spectacle hosted by The Beat 94.5’s Nira Arora and JoyTV’s Dean Atwal.

Breathtaking models, men and ladies walked the runway wearing Davi’s 2015-2016 Collection featuring her signature East-meets-West Bollywood style ranging from Rajasthani to wedding, lace, embroidery, threadwork and a collection of jackets and shawls. After the entertainment, was a true Indian feast followed by more champagne and much dancing.

Proceeds from the show are going towards The Mamta Foundation of Canada, which helps build orphanages for abandoned girls in Punjab.

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