[VIDEO] Hundreds Congregate for First SheTalks Conference


Over 500 people showed up in Surrey last weekend for the first ever all women SheTalks YVR conference held in Surrey, BC.

WATCH: Surrey604’s Highlights from SheTalks YVR

The event, chosen by CNN as one of the top 10 International Women’s Day Events that “you would be CRAZY to miss,” was modelled after TED Talks. SheTalks YVR featured 17 women speakers with a variety of life experiences, career experiences, educational backgrounds, and views of the world.

Ashley Wiles SheTalksYVR

Each woman spoke for 8 minutes about how they are changing their world, and how they view the role of women as innovators, leaders, creators and change makers.

Natasha Raey, Founder of SheTalksYVR

SheTalks is the brainchild of a local community change maker, Natasha Raey. The conference was planned and organized by an Advisory Committee of 20 local community leaders whose goal was to inspire, and inspire they did!

All proceeds from the event will go to the SheTalks Scholarship that was created specifically for this inaugural event with Simon Fraser University. SheTalks will become an annual event not only in British Columbia but across Canada.

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