10 Ways to Reduce Crime in Surrey

Submitted by Alex Sangha

10 Ways to Reduce Crime in Surrey
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There is a lot the City of Surrey can do to reduce crime in the city in collaboration with the Surrey RCMP and community partners.

Below is my top ten list of common sense solutions to help build the crime prevention infrastructure in the city.

  1. PATROL – Set up a community public safety volunteer force that would monitor high crime areas in all town centers.
  2. VIDEO – Place video cameras in high crime areas.
  3. LIGHTING – Put more lighting in high crime areas.
  4. BAIT CARS – Expand the bait car program.
  5. SAFE WALK – Establish a safe walk emergency program for anyone in Surrey.
  6. GUNS – Put restrictions on the sale and licensing of guns in Surrey.
  7. YOUTH – Provide education to youth in Surrey about the consequences of gang life and criminal activity and provide increased sporting opportunities and after school programs to divert youth away from a life of crime.
  8. REPORTING – Set up a citizen crime reporting system where people can call and take pictures or videos with their cell phones of crimes in progress and alert the authorities. The pictures and videos can later be used as evidence in court and will act as a deterrence.
  9. PROGRAMS – Triple funding to the Surrey Crime Prevention Society to support their extensive programs and services which they currently operate on a shoestring budget.
  10. DATA – Analyze the data as to who, what, when, where, and why crime happens in the city and what can be done to extinguish it.

There you go! That is my top ten list of how to reduce crime in Surrey. With that being said, I had not even included enhancing the social infrastructure in Surrey such as helping residents who are homeless, addicted to drugs, living in poverty, or involved in criminal activity due to social circumstances. There also needs to be diversity education with our increasingly multicultural population. All of this needs to be addressed for an integrated approach to creating a healthy and safe city for all.

Alex Sangha is an award winning social worker and author based in Surrey, B.C. His third social discussion book, Catalyst, was a Finalist in the Current Events and Social Change category of the Next Generation Indie Book Awards for 2014. For more information check out

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