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Tangoo Launches New Version With Help From Vikram Vij


A deal done in the Dragons’ Den after the cameras were switched off has paired award-winning Chef Vikram Vij with a Vancouver-based app team determined to change the way we choose the restaurants we visit.

tangoo mobapp

Tangoo’s pocket concierge app evolves how people decide on their social outing plans because they factor much more than just food reviews and star ratings. Whether it is a restaurant’s atmosphere, a day-specific event/promotion, or their social reputation; these contextual characteristics make a restaurant’s personality standout and searchable simply by tapping an experience icon on Tangoo.

You can now be in the know on the go to find the best place when in the mood for a romantic atmosphere, todays live music event, somewhere known for hassle-free birthday accommodations, or any other social context that diners find themselves in.

This is not something you can do with existing apps or restaurant review websites although of course Tangoo also features the elements found on traditional applications, like location, style of cuisine and menu. Their review system simplifies opinions into a simple one-tap upvoting system that dictates how well the restaurant trends under the mood Tangoo and its tastemaker network categorized it under.

Tangoo paul and vij
Tangoo’s Jonathan Hill and Paul Davidescu with Vikram Vij

Tangoo’s founder, Paul Davidescu, appeared on CBC’s Dragons’ Den to ask the Dragons’ to invest in the company. The pitch can be seen below. During the show, a deal was not made, but Vikram Vij, co-owner of Vij’s and Rangoli restaurants, and owner of My Shanti in South Surrey, wanted to explore things further once the recording had finished.

“I realized Tangoo has some great elements that will allow restaurant owners to better connect with their customers, to communicate and create a two-way relationship via today’s technology,” says Vij. “People are deciding where to eat by using their phones and computers, sometimes just minutes before heading to that restaurant. Tangoo offers the best restaurant-based app out there when it comes to making those decisions, to make sure everyone gets the experience they want.”

“Having someone like Vikram on board is key to Tangoo’s success,” says Davidescu. “He is well-known for being a hands-on restaurateur, for personally greeting diners at his restaurants and being the consummate host. We want diners to feel as though they have made the perfect choice for a memorable experience.

By downloading the free app, you can get in on the action by browsing experience categories to ensure you make the right choice for what you feel like doing in real time. Vikram has not only made a commitment to Tangoo, but also to anyone upvoting his restaurant; they will be entered to win monthly insider prizes including having a “wine with Vikram” experience or a exclusive kitchen tour every Monday to Wednesday at his restaurant, My Shanti in South Surrey – just show the Tangoo app at the door. To see a short video of Vikram explaining this partnership with Tangoo click, here.

The app’s name, Tangoo, is a playful representation of the intimate relationship essential to the Tango dance. Real time feedback and loyalty makes the interaction fun. Diners at My Shanti are encouraged to dance with Vikram and start the discussion around how well the restaurant’s personality fits their expectations.

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