Metallic tattoos a hot fashion trend at summer music festivals

0_Lustre_3Temporary metallic tattoos are quickly becoming a fashion sensation at music festivals, weddings, dinner parties, or a day at the beach. With FVDED in The Park, Pemberton Music Festival, and Squamish Valley Music Festival fast approaching, the timing couldn’t be better to stand out in the crowd with your very own metallic tats.


Local Vancouver outfit CROWNLUST Temporary Metallic Tattoos just launched their online store showcasing their very own custom designed metallic tattoos. CROWNLUST is keeping it simple by starting off with limited designs making it easier to choose tattoos that fit your personality, occasion, and outfit. Oh and being proudly Canadian, they offer free shipping to their fellow Canucks!


Temporary metallic tattoos are super easy to put on. Cut out a tattoo, place onto your skin, and add water. Yes, it’s that simple. The tats are also easily removable using a bit of baby oil or coconut oil. And, with a bit of care and attention, the tattoos last up to six days – perfect for a weekend festival or trip to paradise!


The sun is already blazing on the West Coast. Have some fashion fun this summer and start shining with your own metallic tattoos!


Daman Beatty
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