The Big Decision: Buying a Baby Stroller

bugaboo cameleon

Since I became pregnant I’ve been getting a lot of advice on just about every topic such as: what to wear, what to eat, how to sleep, bathe and exercise. It’s all about sharing information and knowing what your options are, of course. I appreciate all the pieces of advice from the women and men in my life and their stories of what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to a new little one. One of the most pertinent discussions has been centred around the question of What to buy for baby?!

So I am going to tackle one of the most important purchases you will make: The Stroller.

Batman STroller

Batman stroller, anyone?

Let me say that I had no idea what I was getting into when I started researching stroller brands and models online. Three tips that might make the start of your search easier:

  • Decide on your budget: This will be a big ticket item. Consider any monetary resources that may affect your budget. Will you be expecting baby shower gifts of cash/gift cards, or will you set up a registry? Will you receive a group gift or are your friends/family willing to chip in to get you that luxury item? All this information will help you narrow down the price points.
  • Functionality: What features are most important to you? Are you a bells and whistles mom/dad or are you content with the basics? Think about the activities you will do with the stroller. Do you plan to do errands and grocery shopping with the stroller? Do you want a stroller that can function as a double if you are planning on another child? Many strollers have accessories that will cost you extra so you will have to decide whether you will REALLY need that coffee cup holder attachment! I will!
  • Lifestyle: Is stroller storage space an issue? How frequently will you be strolling? Do you live in an urban centre or do will you use your car and need to transport your stroller? Maybe a travel system will be another option for you? Or will you opt for adapters that will allow you to click in your infant car seat to your stroller base? Do you live an active lifestyle and need a stroller that will work well in various terrain?

If a new stroller isn’t a must for you, consider Craigslist. You can find top of the line strollers and stroller accessories in good condition for a fraction of the price. If you must buy new, keep in mind resale value if you are planning to sell after your little one is out of the stroller.  I came across some very nice strollers in good condition on Craigslist ( including high end brands) that were selling for 50-60% of the original value. Good deal for both sellers and buyers.

If you are like me, it’s all about the online researching. I know some people like to go to all the baby stores right away which is fun, but I like the convenience of doing my research from the comfort of my couch! I’m more comfortable when I’ve narrowed down my options and I can shop the store more efficiently. Also, I have a husband who gets easily exhausted when we do shopping trips but he still likes to be involved. More importantly, he will be pushing the stroller too so he needs to approve!

YouTube has endless reviews on pretty much every stroller out there. I watched SO many videos, and had to stop myself from YouTube overdose. It was seeing strollers in my sleep. It was that bad. When we walk down the street, my husband will point to a stroller and say,  “Name that stroller!” Most of the time, I actually can identify correctly.

I’m providing the two YouTube channels that were most helpful to me as there are plenty of reviews on each that will give you a good idea of the different types of strollers out there and the various brands and price points.

Nessa Lee TV:

This is a store in the US. As someone who knew very little about strollers, I found their videos helpful to explain the features of each stroller. They also have videos that compare the features of competing strollers on the market such as the UPPAbaby Vista and the Bugaboo Cameleon. They also do reviews on different models under the same brand. What I liked most about their reviewing style is that they give you a good idea of all the features of each so you can decide what works best for your needs and lifestyle. There isn’t an emphasis on which stroller is the best overall but it’s more about demonstrating the features and showing what each has to offer.


Baby Gizmo:

Lots of reviews on strollers and other baby gear. This is not a retailer but the owner of this channel, Hollie Shultz does very good reviews on strollers and other baby gear. I did find the demos helpful and she shares her own experiences with using the strollers and other gear with her kids.


I haven’t bought a stroller yet in case you are wondering. I am waiting until the nursery is done – focus! I did drop by Crocodile Baby and checked out the UPPAbaby Vista,  Bugaboo Cameleon 3 and the Baby Jogger City Select . I had a conversation with a man at the store who appeared to be the owner. I asked about the wheel suspension on the strollers as was a feature that almost all the reviewers mentioned in their videos. He had an interesting response based on an engineering view pointing out that an infant or a toddler is not heavy enough to make a significant different where suspension would be affected for a stroller. He said he asked one of the representatives of one of the stroller companies about this and their response was that it was a feature that parents like …. good marketing. So there you go, some sort of inside information. Whatever you choose it has to work best for you, baby, and your lifestyle so you have more time to enjoy life!

If you have a stroller that you love, feel free to share by commenting below. And if you have any stroller challenges or questions, let us know those too! There’s always someone out there who has advice and experience to share.

Fatima Beatty
Fatima was born and raised in Surrey. She is a yoga fanatic and loves aromatherapy. Her professional experiences are in Community Development, Communications/Marketing, & Human Resources. Fatima has been an active volunteer within the community for several years. With a passion for the creative and a love for the entrepreneurial spirit, Fatima is excited to bring something new to our city.