DETH KLOWN: teen electronic music duo emerging in Surrey!

Deth Klown mosh pit

Turning every performance into a house party, the Surrey based EDM duo Deth Klown, is keeping the local music scene alive with their upbeat bass beats mixed with Hip-Hop and Reggae influences.

The 19-year-old DJs, Carson Hoy and Austin Neighbour, created Deth Klown four years ago, but they have played as professional percussionists for a decade.

Image: Zombie Pool Party Poster – Carson Hoy left, Austin Neighbour right. Photo Credit: Julien Chevallier
Deth Klown_01
Carson and Austin at Deth Klown Rodeo Rave 2013

Deth Klown_star wars

Creating music year-round and in their own built-in home studios, also gives the teens the chance to record bands using their own instruments – such as drums and guitars.

The duo currently releases music on SoundCloud and YouTube, but they have no doubts they’ll be hitting up a record label soon, “we’re approaching labels right now … we have a full EP (extended play) that we’re sending out at the moment. We’d like to be signed fairly soon if possible,” says Neighbour. “It sounds pretty ambitious, but I’d like [us to be] the biggest DJs ever … we just want to be successful at EDM electronic dance music, the music world, and have everyone enjoy it.”

The name “Deth Klown” is also meant to attract new listeners. Hoy says death and clowns are two of the most hated things, and “we thought it be funny to spell it wrong too, we feel the name sticks in your head a lot.”

Hoy and Neighbours’ bond began in kindergarten. They attended school together up until the end of high school, and started making music together in Grade 12. Now years later, their passion for music has helped keep their childhood friendship into adulthood.

Meeting DJ Destructo at FVDED in the Park 2015

Image: Hoy and Neighbour meeting DJ Destructo at FVDED in the Park

Before attending FVDED in the Park, Hoy and Neighbour made a plan to give DJs their music via USB sticks at the event. Although they weren’t able to be backstage as they had originally planned, they did catch a glimpse of and were able to meet DJ Destructo – a well-known DJ and one of the headliners for the FVDED in the Park festival.

“It was a really spur of the moment thing because when we saw him … we happened to see Destructo on a cart being driven between the stages after a set … it just clicked, so we had to chase him down and give him a USB stick, and we were totally just freaking out because we didn’t think we’d see any DJs, and then it just happened,” says Neighbour.

WATCH: Deth Klown Meets DJ Destructo at Surrey FVDED 2015

Coincidentally, Surrey604’s Daman Beatty and Sukh Johal were in the golf cart at FVDED in the Park with DJ Destructo filming an interview just at the time when the Deth Klown boys showed up. The whole encounter was captured on film as shown above.

The duo hopes DJ Destructo will listen to their tracks, specifically one of the songs they created that lines up with the style of Destructo’s music.

Deth Klown will soon be releasing an EP on Soundcloud and YouTube. It’ll have different styles of music, including mostly trap and house. Here’s a sample track, “Make it Bounce”:

They perform every Wednesday at the Cloverdale Skatepark. To stay up to date with Deth Klown and for more information make sure to follow them on Instagram and Twitter @realdethklown.

All Deth Klown artwork including the clown character, posters, t-shirts and logos are created and designed by Deth Klown member, Carson Hoy.

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Deth Klown Shirts


Deth Klown is playing at Surrey’s Fusion Festival on July 18th and 19th at Holland Park. “Come get turnt and eat hella cultural food.” – Deth Klown.

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