Artist ‘The Leopardess’ hiding $100 bills around Vancouver to promote Kickstarter Campaign


The Leopardess, a multimedia artist from Vancouver, Canada is making her artistic debut with a multi-disciplinary project, titled Freeing Pneuma consisting of photography, original music, and film. Freeing Pneuma, which begins with photography, aims to explore highly personal and widely relatable emotions, including The Leopardess’ experience with gender, race, family conflict, and ambitions.






Each photograph represents a different emotion, struggle, or experience, for a total of thirteen images. The Leopardess will then write and produce a song inspired by each of the images. The songs feature a diverse alternative and urban sound. Finally, The Leopardess will choose one image and song pairing and create a short film corresponding with the emotions they evoke. Upon completion of all three ventures, The Leopardess aims to exhibit the works of Freeing Pneuma in galleries and venues across the world.

The Campaign: The Leopardess is running a Kickstarter campaign in support of Freeing Pneuma. Backers can pre-order images and songs for as low as a $10 contribution. They can also buy tickets through Kickstarter to her August 20th event, a mini preview of the project featuring photos from Freeing Pneuma and a live performance by The Leopardess herself. The event features: Liz Rosa, Adam Bailie, Bree-Anna Lehto, Aubrey Bonnah-Vink, and Aaron Brousseau.

The Hidden Prizes: To bring more awareness to her campaign, The Leopardess is hiding six prizes around Vancouver throughout her campaign, running from July 23rd – August 20th, with the first prize hidden on the day of her campaign launch, Thursday, July 23rd. She will post picture clues on her Kickstarter campaign page, and will tweet, Instagram, and Facebook the link, when the clue is up. The prizes, which will be in a large marked envelope, consist of a $100 bill, a print of one of the Freeing Pneuma photos featured in the campaign, and two tickets to the August 20th event. People that find the prize are urged to tweet and/or Instagram a picture, tag @theleopardess_ and hashtag #theleopardesshiddenprize.

Daman Beatty
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