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Sukh Johal Vlogs Behind the Scenes at Harper / Biden Meeting

Surrey604’s Sukh Johal vlogs behind the scenes access and gets you in the room with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Vice President Joe Biden as they meet to discuss bilateral affairs between the world’s biggest trading partners and closest allies during the afternoon right before the FIFA Women’s World Cup Finals in Vancouver, BC on Sunday, July 5, 2015.

PM Harper and VP Biden meet in Vancouver | FIFA Women's World Cup Final

The Prime Minister had just got in from Calgary as he was in the midst of a busy Stampede week in his hometown and home province of Alberta.

The meeting started off by the Prime Minister welcoming the Vice President to Vancouver, British Columbia in French and then in English stating, “We are both delighted to be here today for the Women’s World Cup Final.”

The Vice President and his family, going through a difficult period of time in their personal lives as the VP’s son Beau Biden had recently passed away from a battle he had with brain cancer. This was the time for the PM to share some of his feelings regarding this tragedy.

Prime Minister Harper said “Let me just begin by first of all giving you my condolences on the death of Beau… he’s in many people’s thoughts and prayers.”

The Prime Minister continued with “We have many things to talk about…lots of things happening in the world right now…lots of things to celebrate in our relationship after Canada Day and Independence Day….let me just say also, and I’m a little bit biased here, we have two great teams playing this afternoon (US vs. Japan) who are good partners but my personal view is that there is no greater friend and neighbouring partner for Canada than the United States…”

VP Biden started off by making the occupants of the room smile saying, “You may have guessed, I have an over whelming bias….My wife and I are delighted to be here, we’ve bought along my grandchildren to see the game….all the granddaughters are soccer players….I have an extremely warm place in my heart for Canada….Canada is the most reliable, certain and consequential ally we have….Canada is an incredible ally..I’m delighted to be here and looking forward to catching up with the Prime Minister.”

US Vice President Joe Biden was present at the meeting with the U.S. Ambassador to Canada, Bruce Heyman.

Biden was sent to Vancouver by President Barack Obama to represent the United States as the US Women’s soccer team played Japan in the FIFA World Cup finals.


Enjoy this video journey as Sukh takes you through downtown Vancouver and into the historic Fairmont Hotel Vancouver where proud Americans showcase their Stars and Stripes, giving you an insight into the security operation behind the meeting inside and outside the Hotel as the FIFA Women’s World Cup finals gets ready to take place at BC Place stadium.

The U.S. beat Japan 5-2 to become the World Cup Champions.

Sukh Johal
With a background in sales, security and real estate development, Sukh is a political strategist excelling in community organizing, fundraising and civic affairs. He enjoys performing and has appeared as a background performer in Hollywood productions. Sukh grew up on the tough streets of Dunoon, Scotland before moving to Canada at age 10 and brings a unique perspective to Surrey604. He speaks his mind, and believes social media can be a force for good. Sukh has been a control agent for President Obama’s Inaugural Celebration team in Washington DC and spoke on interfaith affairs at the White House. A member of the Surrey Board of Trade’s International Trade Team and Vancouver Board of Trade’s Company of Young Professionals, Sukh is also past President and current VP Public Relations of Surrey Civic Speechmeisters Toastmasters Club at City Hall and VP of the Multifaith Action Society of BC, an interfaith organization promoting grassroots diplomacy, cooperation and goodwill.