Unique Experience Brings Surrey Theatre Fans to the Beach

Beach House performers prepare for Robert Munsch performance (via Beach House)

Six years ago, Candace Radcliffe had a dream of being able to go see a play on the beach in Surrey. In 2012, when Beach House Theatre opened its curtains for the first time at Crescent Beach with performances of Robert Munsch stories and William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

In it’s fourth year of existence the performance is still going on. This year, the group decided to move away from Shakespeare to perform Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest, a performance which sold out for all shows before opening night, as well continuing with Performances of Robert Munsch stories in the mornings.

A unique experience is not without it’s difficulties says Rick Harmon, an artistic director with Beach House. “There’s a lot of outside noises that you can’t control. Sometimes a plane will fly overhead. Often times a train will be going by. But, our actors are trained to project so that everyone can hear at all times, or as best they can. Light can also be a problem. When the sun sets it can be very bright on some parts of the audience. We also don’t have any control over light in the morning because the sun is still up.”

However, Harmon says the views of the beach are worth any perceived negatives of noise. “We think the beauty of the beach and the site that we have outweighs the negatives you might experience.”

If you’d like to experience the theatre before it closes for the summer , tickets are still available tomorrow’s closing performance of Robert Munsch stories.

Ben Dooley
Ben is a 1st year student at BCIT in the Broadcast and Online Journalism program. Born and raised in Surrey, Ben has grown up with an obsession for the sports world. His obsession is so strong that at age 15 he started “Ben & Stephen Talk Hockey” so he could share his love of the game of hockey with his peers. During his time on the podcast, Ben was able to interview stars like Trevor Linden, Jeremy Roenick and Theoren Fleury. After taking some time away from the media world to focus on finishing high school, Ben is back with a passion that is stronger than ever. His sports interests aren’t limited to hockey though, as he has a passion for many sports including basketball, football, baseball and soccer.