Intern profiles: Surrey’s Team for Youth Leadership and Engagement

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Image: Surrey Youth Engagement Conference discussion groups.

Rochelle Prasad and Gaven Sekhon are interns with Surrey’s Team for Youth Leadership and Engagement (STYLE) – the brainchild of the Surrey Child and Youth Committee – a number of community groups dedicated to supporting the needs of children, youth and their families in the Surrey and White Rock area.

“Gaven and I both knew that STYLE would give us the platform to share our opinions regarding youth [transitioning] into adulthood, and that our voices would be heard throughout the community,” explains Prasad in an email statement.

Prasad and Sekhon joined STYLE in July and have since held dozens of workshops and set up multiple booths – collecting information from the public on their thoughts on youth engagement.

The 2015 Vital Signs report found Surrey youth want more basic life skills training in secondary school, such as how to pay off bills, do taxes and find affordable housing.

Lack of transportation services were also stated as a Key issues along with a lack of employment among other concerns.

Despite the difficulties youth face in Surrey, Prasad says STYLE gave her and other youth the platform to express their concerns, “this to us [means] that we [can] now make a plan that [can] benefit the upcoming generations, to make their transition into adulthood a smooth one.”

Watch: Recap of Surrey’s Inaugural Youth Engagement Conference

Aside from STYLE, Rochelle Prasad is currently involved with the Surrey Leadership Youth Council, Surrey Youth Safety Council, Girl Guides of Canada, Me to We international trips and team planning, an interact club and various other extracurricular activities.
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Besides STYLE, Gaven Sekhon is involved with the Surrey Leadership Youth Council, the Surrey Leadership Action Conference and various other extracurricular activities.


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