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Top Ten Wish List For 2016



Dear Editor,

I was thinking about what are my top ten wishes for 2016.  This got me reflecting about my world, my country, and my life.  What would I choose to do if I had the power to do anything?  What if I could change the world for the better? What am I concerned about and care about?  After careful review of my beliefs and values here are my top ten wishes for 2016.  Enjoy.

Top Ten Wishes for 2016

  1. AFTERLIFE – I would like to visit the afterlife and meet with Guru Nanak, the Buddha, and Jesus and have a tour of the heavens and return to Earth in my physical form to write a descriptive and illustrative document based on my spiritual journey and experiences.
  2. RELIGION – I would like the world’s major religions and faiths to put their rituals, customs, traditions, and differences aside and focus on what bonds humanity as one people from a common ancestor who share many similarities. I would like people to focus on learning about each other and respecting each other and treating each other how they want to be treated – the golden rule.
  3. EQUALITY – I would like to see an end to discrimination against people based on age, gender, race, and sexual orientation. I would like to see equal opportunities for everyone everywhere.  This includes lifting the oppression and risk to life that women and gays experience in some parts of the world.
  4. SOCIAL WELFARE – I would like to see sufficiently funded and maintained social programs for everyone that ensure every individual has the services and supports they need to flourish in this world and reach their potential. This includes providing a basket of essential services for the most marginalized amongst us including the homeless, poor, and disabled.
  5. ENVIRONMENT – I would like the world’s governments to return to their proper role as defenders of the public interest instead of corporate interests. This would mean stringent regulations being put in place to protect our air, water, earth, forests, and food supply.
  6. PEACE – I would like to see peace on earth for all the nations of the world. This means putting short terms interests aside and implementing peace agreements that are mutually acceptable to all parties in Israel and Palestine, Pakistan and India, Syria and Iraq, and all the other war torn areas of the world.
  7. ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY – I would like to see a cultural and artistic renaissance return to the world where talented people come up with new ideas, innovative inventions, and drive technological advances to a whole new level to enhance everyone’s quality of life.
  8. LOVE – I would like to see a return to nurturing, caring, respecting, and loving relationships of all sorts in society. This means respecting and caring for your partner, family, mentors, and friends.  Love can make the world go around.  If you can learn to love yourself and others then half your problems will go away.  Well, I like to believe that.
  9. MOBILITY – I would like to see greater mobility in the world for people to travel, work, and live where they want. This would mean making the immigration system more accessible, affordable, and attainable for most of the world’s citizens.  It is unfair I feel that some people are born with everything while others are born with virtually nothing.  Immigration is one tool that can be used to provide opportunities for people who otherwise would have limited chance in life to get ahead.
  10. INFORMATION – The free flow of information which includes freedom of expression and freedom of speech is essential for a functioning democracy. I would like to see these principles spread everywhere with an open, transparent, and fair judicial system in place to protect minorities and the general public from abuses of power. I would like to see more open and transparent governments everywhere and this includes disclosing political donors, lobbyists, voting records, and abolishing patronage appointments in favor of merit based recruitment.

Alex Sangha is an award winning social worker and author based in Surrey.  His social discussion book, Catalyst, was a Finalist in the Current Events and Social Change category of the Next Generation Indie Book Awards for 2014.  Alex is currently producing a documentary film about trans women of colour entitled January – We Matter.  For more information on the film check out For more information on Alex check out 

Alex Sangha
Alex Sangha is an award winning author and social worker based in Surrey.  He completed a Masters in Public Administration and Public Policy from the Department of Government at the London School of Economics.  For more information on Alex check out his author blog at