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Standing Room Only present ‘Moll’ by Jon B Keane

Standing Room Only present 'Moll' by Jon B Keane

SRO back with CelticFest Vancouver producing a Devilishly Hilarious Comedy!

“Two divine venues, one almighty show, a wickedly funny experience”

Standing Room Only Theatre is proud to have been invited back to CelticFest Vancouver for the second year. Following last year’s dramatic, intense production of “The Weir” they have chosen a comedy for their next production: ‘Moll’ is written by the award winning Irish playwright John B Keane and recently played at the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin, where it was extended due to phenomenal public demand.

Expanding on their highly successful and sold-out format last year the company has decided on two divine local venues; St. James Hall and Dentry’s Irish Grill offer ideal backdrops to the show that will result in two strikingly different audience experiences. St. James Hall features a gorgeous churchly ambiance complete with pews and stain glass windows. Dentry’s Irish Grill provides patrons with a cozy, intimate experience and the option of a dinner package.

Director Tracy-Lynn Chernaske is excited to be tackling a comedy this year and, armed with a fantastically funny cast and crew, she is confident it will be the hit of the festival. She describes the show as “a hysterical blend of ‘Father Ted’ and ‘I Love Lucy’ with a sprinkle of spirit and a twinkle of theatricality”.

When Canon Pratt and his two curates, Father Brest and Father Loran, lose their esteemed and long-time housekeeper, they must recruit a replacement. Enter Ms. Maureen Kettle, AKA Moll. She wraps the clueless Canon around her little finger and turns a once peaceful parish into a place of mischief and hilarity, wreaking havoc among its inhabitants.

What’s Moll up to now!?

When: March 10-16 2016

Where: St. James Hall & Dentry’s Irish Grill


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