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West Coast Property Team introduces $500 Referral Program

West Coast Property Team, a Surrey based Real Estate team with Homelife Benchmark Realty Cloverdale, has recently announced their exciting new referral program. West Coast Property Team is giving away $500 to anyone who refers them as representatives in future real estate transactions. Anyone can be referred, and anyone is eligible to collect the five hundred dollar referral reward, which will be delivered in cash after the close of the real estate transaction. Unlike many other referral programs, West Coast Property Team is not setting restrictions as to how many rewards an individual can collect – so there is potential for some people to really rake in the dough!

“We’re really excited to be launching this new program”, states David Piper of West Coast Property Team adding, “we feel this is a great way, and a great first step (of many), to integrate ourselves into the community, give back, and maybe help out local residents who could really use the extra income”.


Gurjit Liddar of West Coast Property Team also stated, “We’re really excited about this program, and hope to build greater trust between people buying or selling real estate in the Fraser Valley. We know many people see real estate professionals as devious or underhanded, and we want to dispel that perception by bringing them into the transaction, having conversations with them and creating a positive overall experience for everyone”.

Dhyan Sooch, also of West Coast Property Team adds, “this is the first of many programs we are planning to launch. We really care about the communities where we do business – the people, the parks, local shops and services, everything! Over the coming months we aim to prove that, again this is just the first step”.

wcpt_clr_full.jpgAbout West Coast Property Team: West Coast Property Team

( is currently based out of the Homelife Benchmark Realty Cloverdale office. The team, consisting of Gurjit Liddar, Dhyan Sooch and David Piper, joined forces in early June with the goal of creating exceptional real estate transactions for people in the Fraser Valley, and to enhance the lives of those in the communities they serve. Their brand mantra; ‘Love Where You Live’, depicts the true mission and values of the team.

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