A Virtual March Through Surrey to Spread Positivity

On Friday January 20th, a group of protestors virtually marched across the city of Surrey, spreading positive messages of peace, compassion, and unity.

Who were these marchers? Well, they’re about an inch tall, and made of hard yellow plastic. They may be small but they have a big message to share. “We wanted to do something on the day of the inauguration,” said march-organizer David Dalley, “we used that day to focus our energy.”

But while the march landed on the same day as the inauguration of the 45th president of the United State, it wasn’t intended as a protest. “It was the process of bringing people together in a positive context that will be the legacy of this project,” notes Dalley, who wanted the purpose of the virtual march to be to address the disconnect between the people in our communities.

“We are disconnected from each other and from our environment. We are, in many ways, disconnected from ourselves.” Shared Dalley when asked about his intentions behind the virtual march. “The more we get sucked into messages of fear and hate, the less likely we are to see creative solutions to the social and environmental challenges that confront us,” he said in the project’s press release. “If you’re trying to remove a tree, you don’t hack at the branches, you hack at the roots.”

Surrey residents were invited to write positive messages of peace, unity, and compassion on tiny picket signs to be photographed with the Lego figurines.

The march was shared on Village Surrey’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, and progressed from City Hall to Peach Arch Park. The protesters were photographed in the weeks leading up to the actual event, with the photos being shared on January 20th with the hashtag “#thisissurrey”.

All photographs from the event can be seen on Village Surrey’s website.

Carleen Geisler
Carleen was born and raised in the Lower Mainland and comes with a wide variety of life experience: she has worked in animal care, medical research, health and wellness, and is a graduate of BCIT's Technical Writing program. Currently a student of the circus arts, Carleen believes in leaving no stone unturned and exploring all of life's curiosities.