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Canada’s filthiest rappers to honour three years of Smoked Out Battles

Canada’s filthiest rappers to honour three years of Smoked Out Battles

UPDATE: Watch Smoked Out Battles 3 Year Anniversary

Smoked Out Battles is a competition that pits Canada’s dankest verbal maestros against each other in a raw, no-holds-barred contest of wits, flow, and poetically delivered fire. “Rap battling can be intense. It’s in your face, rough, and sometimes can get downright ugly,” confirms Red Shirt Mike, organizer and host of Smoked Out’s founding Surrey division.

Red Shirt Mike and company are preparing for the Smoked Out Battles third year anniversary show, to begin at the league’s primary venue, Surrey’s Peacock Bar & Grill, on January 27th. The two day event will be headlined by a championship bout between Nova Scotia’s Komp, and the reigning champ, New Westminster’s own, DP The Mercenary. This take no prisoners brawl is expected to be jam-packed with stings, burns, and knock-out blows.

“Putting together the two day card was a surreal moment for me, seeing how far the league has come.” Red Shirt Mike has been involved with the event since its inception. Beginning in Surrey, under the vision of local rapper Darren Haze, as well as Chelsie Grobins of Where It’s At Entertainment, Smoked Out Battles has quickly expanded through Alberta, Washington State, and soon, Ontario.

Currently, Smoked Out has four active divisions, and regularly collaborates with other organizations, including O.G. rap-league King of the Dot. Artists will often cross turf lines to build their rep in different cities.

Each battle is video-recorded, and the best are posted to Smoked Out’s YouTube page. Though the majority of matchups are done for exposure, competitors may wager each other, putting money on the line, raising the stakes for a winner-takes-all war. A Smoked Out tournament was once held, with Richmond’s Joey Malice taking the crown, and a $1000 dollar cash payout. Malice is set to face-off against Billy Shakes on day two of the anniversary show.

“Joey versus Billy is one of those battles where anything can happen. Both have shown they have no problem crossing lines, and they are incredible characters. A lot of people are excited to see what happens.” Rezza Reckt is also in a highly anticipated clash against former champion Stevie P, who headlined the first ever Smoked Out match card. Jess Zee, who devastatingly buried her opponent in the first known female rap-battle to be recorded in Canada, will be taking on SKB in what’s sure to be a claws-out catfight.

“Surrey has a very raw scene. Fans here aren’t looking for the most polished, inoffensive acts. They’re looking for something to connect to.” Despite its growing name, Smoked Out Battles keeps their doors open to new, up and coming artists.

“Part of our goal in the Northwest scene is to develop talent to the point where they’re ready for bigger exposure opportunities.” Red Shirt Mike continues, “Surrey is a fantastic place to foster new talent, and I just want to shoutout Peacock Bar & Grill for being the hub of all that.” If you think you got the chops, message Red Shirt Mike or Smoked Out Battles on Facebook to get yourself booked on future cards.

Red Shirt Mike concludes with the following statement: “Battle rap is tremendously entertaining, and there is nothing like the vibe of a Smoked Out event. Artists prepare for the one single opportunity they will have to use this material against their opponent, meaning every moment at every event is truly unique. People from all over are travelling to Surrey to put on a phenomenal show.”

3rd Year Anniversary Show Event – Link

Smoked Out Battles Facebook –

Smoked Out Battles YouTube –

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