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10 Best Indian Restaurants in Surrey

1. My Shanti By Vikram Vij

I decided to try the unctuous Seafood Medley which consisted of mussels, ling cod, prawns and squid and spicy cassava fries in a coconut red chili curry and the lamb popsicle with the fenugreek curry. Overall my first experience here was delicious! Their menu has so many refined unique dishes that use locally sourced ingredients prepared with a twist on modern Indian fusion. Make sure to try one of their creative cocktails. Even the desserts were eclectic and uniquely great in that they took traditional offerings and improvised on them. That ensures a truly memorable end to your meal in this contemporary, buzzy spot. If you’re lucky, you may even get to meet and greet with the Chef Vikram himself.


2. Gulberg Restaurant

The Gulberg offers great Halal Pakistani food with impeccable service and ambiance. The delectable menu is reasonably priced and offers a wide variety of options, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Some highlights include their creamy paneer, butter chicken, fish or veggie pakoras, beef nihari, chicken tikka, fried fish biryani and tandoori chicken. Since they are renowned for their fabulous lunch buffet, I recommend arriving with a hearty appetite and an empty stomach. I can also reassure you that when you try their buttery, garlicky Naan, you will keep coming back for more!


3. Mehfil India Restaurant & Sweets

This hot spot boasts inexpensive prices and a wide selection of Indian food, making Mehfil a real winner! The staff is also very very friendly and always makes you feel like a welcomed guest. I loved the curry goat, creamy shahi sauce, spicy vindaloo, palak paneer, goat curry and always-fresh and buttery roti. Their comforting homemade chai tea and rice pudding were the perfect ending to a delicious meal at their hot and ready smorgasbord.


4. Mahek Restaurant & Lounge

Mahek’s amazing butter chicken and vegetable shrimp pakora blew my mind! Their lamb curry came highly recommended and it isn’t very difficult to see why: it melts in your mouth. This spot had possibly the best garlic naan and mutter paneer I’ve ever tried. I also recommend trying the Mahek Dinner Special for a little nosh because of the perfectly light and fluffy pakoras.

To add a beautiful touch, the staff were friendly and welcoming and the decor is nice with a spacious central area with cosy booths around the windows for added intimacy and privacy. Perfect date night spot!


5. Rasoi Restaurant Inc.

I highly recommend trying the Fish Korma and Lamb Tikka Masala and the variety of coconut chicken curries. They pride themselves on their goat curry and chili chicken too, plus their fragrant jasmine basmati rice that is so fluffy and second to none. Ordering the lamb vindaloo kind of reminded me of Christmas  because it is full of spicy rich flavours. To top it all off, their crispy savory pakoras won’t leave you disappointed.The flavours are just right and the spice is all balanced as it should be traditionally. Keep in mind that for the more sensitive palate, extra spicy truly means ‘extra spicy’! The perfect sweet treat to end your meal would have to be hands-down their Gajar Halwa made with naturally sweet carrot and cream.

6. Satya Asha (Vegetarian)
This husband-wife run restaurant offers the freshest and healthiest of vegetarian and vegan options including Dokla, Thali, Gujrati fare. Their Tawa aloo and Tawa methi pranthas are to die for!

You have to order the cashew dates and potato kachori to start. The food was unique and so very tasty plus the service and ambience were impeccable. I was really blown away by how tender the chicken korma and chickpea, sweet potato and cashew koftas were too! Make sure to finish off your meal with their sweet or salty lassi.


7. Mayuri Indian Cuisine

Mayuri takes pride in fresh and hot, made on the spot, big portions of unforgettable flavourful dishes. You really can’t go wrong with classic staples like Chicken Tiki Masala, Aloo Palak, their freshest and proper paneer masala dosas, rava dosa and the thali plate. Their homemade classic “coconut chutney” is epic too! I also thoroughly enjoyed the eggplant curry and traditional biryani if you’re feeling especially peckish. Ending off this extraordinary meal experience with their amazing Gulab Jaman will leave you in a blissful food coma.

8. Krishna’s Dosa Grill

This quaint family run business has me craving their signature dosas every weekend paired with their soothing idli sambhar. Every time we come here, we leave with pure satisfaction from the Jaipuri paneer masala dosa or the onion rava masala dosa with three delicious chutney sauces and lentil soup and a generous amount of lamb filling.

Krishna’s restaurant isn’t fancy but we have never been disappointed with a meal here and it is always top of the list for those: “so-where-do-you-want-to-go-for-lunch?” conversations. It is especially authentic and brings back fond memories and a touch of Chennai or Bangalore’s traditional eating spots that I recall so fondly from my travels.


9. Dhoom Restaurant & Bar

Holy cow. No pun intended, but just when I had thought I have eaten all kinds of tandoori chicken in my experience and long-term relationship with Indian food, Dhoom comes out of nowhere! This spot can accommodate a large group or event and it also caters to the daily lunch crew of local professionals working nearby.

Dhoom’s staff is very friendly, attentive and welcoming even when they’re swamped.

They offer light samosas, generous portions of butter chicken and filling egg biryani. Pair that with a couple of garlic naans and rasmalai for dessert and you won’t be disappointed by this hot spot’s great portions and freshly made delicacies.

10. Tasty Bistro

It has been widely touted as “The Best Indian Food in Canada”. I don’t know about that, as I haven’t eaten my way through all the indian fare Canada has to offer, but as for Surrey, I can give it two thumbs way up!  Having been to Amritsar, Chandigarh, New Delhi and then seeing the best of Toronto the Tasty Indian Bistro is phenomenal. It’s beautiful inside and out with very artistic decor and very sharply dressed staff. It is truly a five star experience.

A really unique marinated, spiced, boneless, deep-fried Chicken Pakora, boneless tandoori Chicken cooked with a rich tomato cream gravy, Mild Coconut Chicken Curry cooked up with a coconut cream and onion gravy were all loaded with flavour. It has such a widely diverse menu whose offerings also include delectable chaat papri, light flaky vegetable pakora and then my go-to: coconut shrimp curry. This tasty Indian spot has such a plethora of options I think I can almost taste the Payasam sweet pudding already!

The perfect textural combination and balance of sweet, savory are beautifully complimented by the fabulous cocktail and wine menu. Since the food does pack some heat, I’d recommend indulging in that delectable cocktail menu paired with a nice creamy Kheer rice dessert or rass gulla made of sweet cheese dipped in sugar. Voila!

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