Ebrahim Jadwet – A modest Scion of the ever so Prominent Jadwet family

All South Asians are well aware of a group of beautiful exotic islands called the Andaman and Nicobar Islands off the coast of India, these islands are a typical vacation paradise for many around the world. The clear waters, beautiful sand, and the local atmosphere is what makes them ever so tempting! The Jadwet family, one of the most prominent families since the beginning of the 20th century is a name which is synonymous among the local islanders.

The Jadwets were appointed as the British trade agent in the Nicobar group with a complete monopoly. They were the first ones to introduce the concept of currency and electricity to the Nicobars. The Jadwet business empire was originally established in early 1900’s by Late M.C. Jadwet in Moulmein, Burma (Myanmar) and later was expanded by his four sons E.M. Jadwet, Y.M. Jadwet, C.M. Jadwet, and H.M. Jadwet. The family is well known for their welfare activities in the Nicobar group. Passed on for generations, their businesses today is diversified into Shipping, Trading, Advertising, Hotels & Transportation.

Esteemed guests from all over the world such as famous Indian politicians Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Moraji Desai and many more have been a witness of the Jadwet hospitality in the Nicobar Islands. Little did we know that a part of this legacy to this famous family has been residing in the Lower Mainland amongst all of us. Ebrahim Jadwet, who is the eldest grandson of Yusoof Jadwet ( the grandson of Late M.C. Jadwet).

Ebrahim is a Business Graduate with a keen interest in politics and public affairs due to his family background. He can be been seen at many high profiled events in Vancouver and due to his very personable and humble nature, he has made quite the name for himself within the city. He left home about 8 years ago in hopes of becoming independent as an adult and although being born with a silver spoon, he worked many odd jobs to sustain his living in this city, this included working at places like restaurants and retail.

He now resides in the City of Abbotsford and works in the field of transportation. When asked about his plans for the future, Ebrahim wishes to pursue a career in public affairs along with some Hospitality and Brand Management of the family business to continue on the legacy. Lastly, in his all so humble persona, the Junior Jadwet says “life is a beautiful journey so it’s good to be content and respect every being on this planet and says that money is something that doesn’t stick around forever; you may be rich today and not tomorrow, so always stay grounded.”

Photo of Ebrahim by Mark Lewis.

Paarull JS Bakshi
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