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There are two types of people in this world: those who love a deal and those who just don’t know where to find them.

Gone are the days of finding and printing coupons or pre-purchasing deals with an expiry date. Now going out and saving money are synonymous. Get in the Loop (GitL) – a free app that connects consumers to thousands of exclusive deals from local restaurants, spas, golf courses, wineries, retailers, hotels – is live in Vancouver and changing the way people experience their city.

After starting in Kelowna, GitL has seen a major expansion in 2017 with its launch in 32 cities across British Columbia and Alberta. Founder and CEO Matt Crowell explains a typical interaction with the app from a consumer’s perspective.

“The first thing you should do if you’re new to the app is tell us what you like so you don’t receive irrelevant information. You can completely customize your experience under a variety of categories like food and drink, spa, golf. You can even open up a map view and see what’s available around you. Or you can use the search function, so if you’re looking for coffee, a beer or a lunch special, you can easily find that. Then when you walk into one of those places, you just show them your phone, and say ‘I’m here for the two-for-one cappuccinos,’ or whatever it might be, and they’ll provide that right on the spot.”

Blogger “Mary in the city” (left) Youtuber Josh Rimer, Blogger/Entrepreneur Dennis Pang, Get in the Loop’s Kemp Edmonds (Photo: Wayne Racine)

For businesses, GitL serves as a mobile advertising platform that not only attracts new customers but also keeps them coming back with discounts delivered right to their phone. The major benefit is creating brand awareness and being seen by the tens of thousands of people who already use the app. GitL also provides a live dashboard where businesses can see who they are reaching, what’s the average age and gender, who is responding/liking/sharing deals with their friends, who are looking at them on the map, and who has converted to a customer.

Essentially, the app complements someone’s current lifestyle by unlocking savings at the places they are already going or want to explore, whether it’s relaxing in a coffee shop, wandering through their city, or hitting the links on a sunny afternoon.

Kemp Edmonds (left) with Get in the Loop founder and CEO, Matt Crowell (Photo: Wayne Racine)

It hasn’t always been a smooth ride for Crowell, who had to overcome the stigma of being “like a Groupon,” – the group buying site offering daily deals which really gave the space a bad name. 

“We don’t even view ourselves as a discount company, we are a mobile advertising platform that uses offers to attract customers,” he says. “Half of the meetings I go to, people say ‘I thought this was a Groupon, but you’re so different.’ It’s important for people to try it out and see that they have full control over the deals they hear about without ever having to pre-buy.”

With the recent launch in Vancouver, the app is continuing to gain traction by elevating the experience of finding discounts. “We can comfortably enter the market and feel like we’re in a good spot,” he says.

Guests enjoy the benefits of ‘Get in the Loop’ at the app’s launch party (Photo: Wayne Racine)

Crowell arrived at our interview from a lunch meeting with a potential new hire and was on his way to meet with two more. There is no time to slow down when you’re running a successful expansion in a major city like Vancouver and aim to be nationwide soon thereafter.

“Every day I try to set goals to get a twenty-minute run in or ten minutes to myself, and every day I remember those goals at about 9 p.m.,” he says. “I’ve been planning to start a workout for, like, six months in a row. I bring my running shoes on the road and in planes, and those things are still brand new.”

At the recent launch party at The Charles Bar in Vancouver, he addressed the crowd by saying they wouldn’t find a company that will work harder for them or their business than Get in the Loop. As Crowell gathered his bag and zoomed out the door to his next meeting, it couldn’t be more obvious that it’s true.

How it works:

  • Download the Get in the Loop app
  • Customize your experience based on your interests and location
  • Use the search function or map to find deals near you, including spas, restaurants, hotels, golf; and more
  • Walk into your favourite place and show them the deal on your phone
  • Enjoy!

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‘Get in the Loop’ launch party at The Charles Bar in Vancouver (Photo: Wayne Racine)
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