Surrey filmmaker/musician need support in storyhive contest

Local Musician Liam Priddy & local Filmmaker Shelby Wilson join forces to make a music video for the Alzhiemer’s Society of Canada. The music video is called Silver and not only does it touch base on having Alzhiemer’s it highlights the struggle that families and caretakers have with the disease affecting a love one. The idea behind Silver is an elderly man in assisted living wakes daily to the routine of prescription medication, professional care and isolation. Mysterious forces open his mind to a rush of memories of his younger self, and past love. This music video plays with the past and present, and it features a lot of talented actors, such as Ron Wilson (the old man), Lynn Johnson (The older version of his wife), Liam Priddy (younger version) and Nakita Kohan (younger version of the wife).

The music video is loaded with a ton of emotion and is packed with an important message of love and acceptance to circumstances in life. Shelby and Liam won 10k from the competition Storyhive (Funded by Telus) back in May and now have fully completed the music video that is in another round voting on the Storyhive website. Not only does this music video raise awareness for the Alzhiemer’s Society of Canada, the team Silver, was able to raise $1000 to the organization.

Liam and Shelby are reaching out for your help to vote and share this amazing music video. Voting ends Friday, July 28th, 2017 and it’s as easy as pressing the vote button. Here is the link to vote and watch:

Surrey604 Staff
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