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Meet Surrey Girl, Piya Sandhu

Owner & Chief Curator of The Handpicked Home

Spent the most time in: Cloverdale | We moved around a lot when I was a kid, but the longest we stayed in one place (and where I moved back to as an adult for a while) was Cloverdale. My family moved there the summer before grade 7 and when my brother and I took our first walk to my new elementary school, I remember being so stoked to see how amazing the playground was. I’ve been a kid at heart my entire life and still get excited to see a cool playground. Some of my favourite things about living there were the clean air, the recreational amenities, and the parks. Surrey is the City of Parks, and rightfully so. I was lucky to live down the street from the Cloverdale Athletic Park, which kept us and our family pup busy through each season.

I might be too young to really understand when the negative connotation about being from Surrey started, but I just don’t get it. Close to the US border as well as multiple highways to get you to Vancouver, a myriad of cool eateries, and any part of South Surrey, I don’t see the negatives that others seem to.

Surrey has its act together: from streamlining our residential organics and recycling system, to ensuring our streets are safe for driving during our unpredictable Winter months, I enjoy our City and do not take for granted how organized & liveable this community is for my family and me. As one of the fastest growing cities in Canada, Surrey has had to transition from farmland to mainland and keep its dense growth as smooth as possible. I consider it the City of Opportunity as it continues to offer good schools and a fair alternative for corporate offices to move closer to where many of their employees are now residing.

As a business person operating in South Surrey, I love supporting makers & designers in our own neighborhood, as well as fair-trade artisans across the world. I love connecting with our community and introducing sustainably-made items that it may not find anywhere else, items that our customers enjoy bringing home and gifting to their friends and family.

I am proud to be a Surrey Girl because this diverse community has welcomed me and my family, taught me to be a respectable part of our society, and allowed me to enjoy my life and now share it with my husband and pups. I look forward to further growing our family and showing our future kids what it means to be from Surrey!

What does being a Surrey Girl mean to you?

It means you are proud of your neighborhood and the woman you’re becoming or have become. Hopefully being from Surrey means that you had great teachers that believed in you, amazing sports teams that taught you the importance of building relationships & trust, and job opportunities that allowed you to grow and learn, and teach others through the experiences you had.

About | Piya is the owner of The Handpicked Home Shop, a home décor, gift & lifestyle shop in South Surrey that focuses on unique, locally- and artisan-made goods. As a small business owner, she is proud to be a part of the movement to support local and curates her shop with many items made by local artisans and makers. To learn more about The Handpicked Home, visit it online:

Facebook: The Handpicked Home | Instagram: @thehandpickedhomeshop

About The Surrey Girl Project | The goal of The Surrey Girl Project is to change what people think of when they hear the term ‘Surrey Girl’ by highlighting some of the diverse and talented women born and/ or raised in Surrey. Our hope is to flip the term upside down and give it a makeover, to show how amazing it is to be a female from Surrey. Photo Credit: Ally Fotografy

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