Samsung has launched its first ‘art piece’ TV

Last Friday Toronto Samsung team came to Vancouver to present their new TV The Frame. They set up a booth looking like a living room in someone’s house and welcomed everybody to stop by and peek inside. Jeff Ingram, Samsung training manager, was giving all the insights about the product.

First of all, it is not just a regular TV, it’s a piece of art. Hanging on a wall like a real picture with no gap wall mount – it will dazzle your guests. Secondly, the company partnered with a Canadian fine art photographer David Burdeny, whose 4 pictures will be featured on the TV. All the photographs must be approved by the head office in South Korea which makes us Canadians be very proud of David! You can access 100 art pieces for free and then purchase 400 more for $26.99 from Samsung Art Store app. Much more paintings and photographs will be presented soon.

You can also control the brightness of a screen and motion sensor – all through the touch of your smartphone or via one remote control which connects all your devices. The room ambient sensor makes sure the display is adjusted to surrounding colors and lights so the screen looks like a real painting. The screen itself has 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) resolution which makes colors look more realistic and vibrant.

Don’t forget to choose your own customizable frame! There are only 3 of those for now: walnut, oak, and white, but again, the company won’t stop there.

Moreover, we all know you hate cords, who doesn’t? Yet, The Frame has only one transparent optical cable which can be put away so you can enjoy a clean look of your new TV or…wait…an art piece?

The Frame is available across Canadian retailers for $2699.99 for a 55″ model and $3799.99 for a 65″ one.

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Alie Slabenko
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