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Adera’s Eastlake Brings Innovative New Tech Hub to Burnaby

Adera’s Eastlake Brings Innovative New Tech Hub to Burnaby

Adera Development Corporation and Sun Life Investment Management recently celebrated the LEED Certification of Burnaby’s newest tech hub, Eastlake Campus.

Eastlake property features:

– Professionally landscaped, campus-style complex with picnic areas, fully lit walking trail and green spaces
– Concrete construction, ‘curtain wall’ style glazing and unparalleled architectural features
– Zoning is CD/M5 Industrial District which permits a wide variety of light industrial uses and high-tech uses including general warehousing, wholesaling / distribution, assembly, laboratory, and office.

As for now, there are few organizations which are already happy with Adera services:

1. Stryker 

It’s a medical technology firm with office area, manufacturing area, warehouse and medical room. Features a unique design where all the wires are on top of the ceiling so one can actually see them. Each office has a soundproof system for privacy.

2. Sugoi Performance Apparel

The company creates purpose-built apparel for cycling, training, and triathlon. Has an amazing open space with bike amenities like parking space and bike repair shop with tools (!), sewing room, patio with strawberries and grill,  gym, photo studio, design room (where all the brainstorming happens), and offices. As Ian Thomas, Sugoi general manager states, “We want designers and salespeople to share the office without walls so it’s easier for them to communicate with each other.”

3. Garage Living

A startup which specializes in transforming garage spaces and has a very interesting retail-style showroom display. It’s a family franchise business successfully functioning for about a year. “One of our clients wanted to create a garage space similar to a drive-in movie theatre. So he could grab a popcorn and watch movies with his daughter”, Alex Schaalo, sales manager recalls.

Check Adera website for more info –


Roger Leggatt, a top performing member of the Vancouver Office Leasing Division 
of Cushman & Wakefield Ltd., giving his speech
Stryker medical company's reception
Stryker's open space
Greg Browne, Stryker's product development manager
Sugoi's gym for employees
Sugoi's strawberries on a patio
Sugoi's sewing space
Garage Living's showroom
Garage Living's design samples

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