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Shreya Ghoshal enthrals Vancouver – Music is forever

Shreya Ghoshal enthrals Vancouver – Music is forever

September 17, 2017 marked the very last event of team Shreya Ghoshal’s two month long North America tour. Shreya herself was highly emotional about her tour coming to an end. Like a true artist, Shreya was openly sentimental about ending her tour. But that was not really what audiences connected with last Sunday.

For most audiences, the personal connection came with Shreya’s rendition of the classic Lata Mangeshkar song Roz Sham Aaati Thi magar aisi na thi. Those of us who are Vinod Khanna fans, were instantly hooked into her singing. We were remembering this dynamic hero of the sixties and seventies while flashes of this dashing hero who recently died, were showing on the audiovisual. After that, the entire concert was like a breeze of nostalgia, with one melody after the other taking Metro Vancouver’s music lovers to an era where Bollywood songs were sweet, melodious, innovative, and unforgettable!

Another singer to look out for in future is Kinjal Chatterjee. This handsome Kolkata dude accompanying Shreya on her North American concert, is incidentally a law graduate too.

He provided beautiful filler songs, allowing the queen to take breaks and come back with fresh melodies. Kinjal has a distinct stage presence – he enthralled audiences with solos like Channna Merya. No surprise that he has won numerous musical reality shows.

The evening’s gorgeous MC was Gurdeep Brar, who complimented the show with her glamour and glitz. The concert’s highlight, of course, was the uber talented Symphony Orchestra group.

Overall, the Shreya Ghoshal concert was an unforgettable experience, once again brought to Vancouverites by Kamal Sharma. We could see why Kamal chose the Pacific Coliseum for Shreya Ghoshal’s concert. Artistic light effects with different colours for different moods, and perfect acoustics of the Coliseum, made this concert a mega entertainment event for Vancouver’s Bollywood lovers. Kamal Sharma never disappoints – I can’t wait to see what Kamal will bring to Vancouver next.

Photos courtesy: Anzoom Nathani

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