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Meet Surrey Girl, Jenifer Wiens

Meet Surrey Girl, Jenifer Wiens

Stay at Home Mom, Co- Owner of Cedar Creek Fencing, Small shop owner Cozy Darling Crochet

Grew up in: Birdland & Guildford | Growing up in the Whalley/Guildford area I knew what low income looked like. Even though our family wasn’t well off I knew that we had things that other families didn’t. My mom taught me that there is always someone less fortunate than you and there is always someone you can help. We ran a small food bank as a family and I remember being maybe 18 and talking to the building manager at a low income rental building in Guildford, asking if they knew of families that would benefit from me dropping off a box of food no strings attached. I packed 20 boxes and delivered them myself.

Now that I’m married with three kids, my passions have remained the same. I love Surrey and specifically the inner-city. I have volunteered with City Dream Centre and worked with a local church to bring Christmas gifts to all the students at a Surrey school, in addition to helping with pancake breakfasts and field trips. We also delivered hampers to families that the Principal of the school knew would need them. I’ve combined this with my current passion of crocheting and have teamed up with other local crocheters and groups to make bed mats for homeless people at Nightshift in Whalley.

Starting this crochet business last November has opened my eyes to the homemade maker market. The ladies in BC are amazingly talented at so many things. I love that I have been able to combine my passion of crocheting and volunteering to give back to those who are less fortunate.

I love the community of Surrey and that it is always hosting events, that families come together to form communities that are so impactful. I see it with kids playing with other kids in neighborhoods, parks, and complexes. With the vast diversity, some people don’t have a support system or extended family to rely on.

That’s where the community steps in to help and support and encourage each other. There are so many resources made available to families and individuals. I also have seen Surrey residents from more affluent areas come to support those less fortunate. This is so amazing to see happen in the same city, seeing hope in action.

The city is so amazingly diverse. And I think that we are also very inclusive and non- discriminating because of that. I know that some maybe wouldn’t agree, but when you have a group of people from Surrey, you have all walks of life both socially and economically. I think people from Surrey have more empathy for others, they know that every person has a story and I think they share empathy for that story (if they take the time to listen).

What does being a Surrey Girl mean to you?

It means a girl who knows that life is tough,  that it’s not easy, but she also knows that to conquer and be successful you have to work hard, equip yourself, and never give up. Surrey Girls are tough and fierce and fight for what they want. A Surrey Girl also knows how to help and extend a hand of kindness. I’m proud to be a Surrey Girl because it’s made me fierce and gracious at the same time.

About | Jenifer is a local maker/ small shop owner of Cozy Darling Crochet where she creates home decor and other crochet items. In addition to her business, she is co- owner of Cedar Creek Fencing with her husband, and Mom to her 3 kids. Volunteering and helping the community continue to be passions of hers and her efforts benefit those who need it the most, including some of Surrey’s homeless.

Facebook: Cozy Darling Crochet | Instagram: @cozydarlingcrochet 

About The Surrey Girl Project | The goal of The Surrey Girl Project is to change what people think of when they hear the term ‘Surrey Girl’ by highlighting some of the diverse and talented women born and/ or raised in Surrey. Our hope is to flip the term upside down and give it a makeover, to show how amazing it is to be a female from Surrey. Photo Credit: Ally Fotografy

Click here to learn more about The Surrey Girl Project and the mission behind it.



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