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Meet Surrey Girl, Kristy Powers

Meet Surrey Girl, Kristy Powers

Photographer & Co- Owner of The Local Space

Grew up in: Guildford | I love SO many things about this city! As an adult I’ve lived in the Clayton/ Cloverdale area for the last decade, but growing up, Guilford was my ‘hood. I literally lived across the street from the mall and it quickly became a place I frequented as a tween. First stop was usually The Bay makeup counter to put on some lipstick and then a frozen yogurt at Yogun Fruz, and I loved birthday parties at Stardust!

Geographically speaking we are central to everything and you get a lot of bang for your buck here. We have so many wonderful parks and trails, views of the mountains, and access to the ocean, and I love all of the new infrastructure and improvements happening in our city. I can attest that the misconceptions about Surrey happen everywhere, not just here (I spent my younger years in Surrey, but went to high school in Burnaby/ New West), but along with these misconceptions we also have to factor in the fact that Surrey is the second largest city in the province, so it’s to be expected that you might hear a bit more about crime and such. But I have always felt completely safe here.

I have a passion for connecting with people and I’m lucky to have a career in which I can do that. I love being able to feature many fellow Surrey moms who have built successful brands here in the City in the shop I co-own, The Local Space. And with photography it’s about creating an experience for clients and making them feel comfortable and empowered in front of the camera.

I’m proud to be a Surrey Girl because I am raising a mini Surrey Girl myself. For that reason I am excited to be a part of the movement to show what we’re really about to my daughter and our future generation of young women. I’m from Surrey and I’ve always been proud of it!

What does being a Surrey Girl mean to you?

To me a Surrey girl is someone who appreciates humour, who is kind yet strong and successful in her own way. She is proud and courageous and will stand up and speak out for what she believes in.

About | Kristy has pursued her career in photography for the past several years and opened up The Local Space in the Fall of 2016 with her business partner which combines a retail space featuring local brands and a collaborative workspace. She juggles her two businesses with her young family and is mom to three children.

Facebook: Kristy Powers Photography | Instagram: @kristypowers.ca 

About The Surrey Girl Project | The goal of The Surrey Girl Project is to change what people think of when they hear the term ‘Surrey Girl’ by highlighting some of the diverse and talented women born and/ or raised in Surrey. Our hope is to flip the term upside down and give it a makeover, to show how amazing it is to be a female from Surrey. Photo Credit: Ally Fotografy

Click here to learn more about The Surrey Girl Project and the mission behind it.



About The Author

Katherine Petrunia

Katherine Petrunia is the blogger behind Our Happy Place, a lifestyle blog that shares on topics such as recipes, fashion, and DIY alongside candid articles about real life. Born and raised in Surrey, she has been blogging for almost 4 years, and now resides in Delta with her husband and 2 young kids.

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