Ride For Refuge 2017 Helps Raise Nearly $2,000,000!

On a sunny day of September 30th, 761 people showed up to ride or walk and raise money for refugees. A number of charities were participating such as Ratanak International, Respect4Women, The Refuge, and many more. The Canadian wide fundraising goal of $2,000,000 is 98% done! The top raising money team is Journey Home Community – they have raised $81,413.00. those money will be used to provide housing, resettlement assistance and relational support for refugee families seeking asylum in Vancouver.

The event is held in September because its organizers believe, “It gives participants a very small taste of what it’s like to be seeking refuge. It’s designed to be challenging – both in distance traveled and weather endured.”

The routes included:

  • 5 km walk
  • 10 km walk
  • 10 km ride
  • 25 km ride
  • 50 km ride

I did the 5 km walk: 2,5 km one way, stopped at the snack station with orange juice and chocolate chip cookie granola bars and walked 2,5 km back. Besides me there were 600 people walking either 5 or 10 km. RCMP officer was cheering up as we were crossing the road, cars were beeping, crowd was whistling – this walk definitely wasn’t boring!

At the end of our trip there was a health lunch waiting: rice or noodles, fresh baby spinach and sweet-n-sour chicken.

The RIDE supports charities and churches who serve:

  •  Refugees and Internally Displaced Peoples (claimants or sponsored)
  •  Migrant Families (economically displaced and migrant workers)
  •  Indigenous and First Nations People

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Start/Finish line at Ride for Refugee event
Walking 5 km
Bikers parking after long ride
Healthy lunch
Alie Slabenko
Alie Slabenko is a local writer and poet passionate about human rights. She recently completed the New Media Journalism Program at Simon Fraser University. She also holds a Masters in Tax Crimes from Russia and PDD in Marketing from Douglas College in Vancouver. Alie has volunteered for the YVR airport magazine as a creative contributor and written several travel and lifestyle articles for an online Russian magazine. She is a traveler by heart and has visited Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, China, and the USA. In her free time Alie likes to paint, take photographs, write poems, and manage her social justice oriented website. Alie is a human rights advocate who seeks to serve people through her journalistic skills focusing on racism, transgender rights, women rights, and human trafficking.