And The 2017 Surrey City Awards Go To…

On Wednesday October 25, the City of Surrey awarded some of our finest community and business leaders with the prestigious City Awards in various categories. We already shared with you the scoop on the finalists – but now the cat’s out of the bag, and all the winners are rightfully celebrating! Everyone who was nominated for an award deserves to feel great about the effort they are investing in our city, making it such an amazing place to live. Thank you to all the finalists!

We’re sharing some of the winners here but you should head over to the City of Surrey’s website to check out all the deserving recipients and runners-up. Chances are, you either know or have heard of many of these people and their initiatives. And the next time you run into them, you can say congrats!

Some Of The City Awards Winners


One of the things Surrey is most known for is its heart. We have countless citizens who give of their time, energy and resources to care for the vulnerable populations within our communities. Really, these are people who aren’t doing what they do in order to receive an award but they truly deserve the recognition. And this year, the Heart in the City Award goes to two organizations: New Hope Community Services Society, and Muslim Food Bank and Aspire Community Services. The two individuals who also received the Heart in the City Award are Alex Martel and Douglas Nickerson. And for her incredible dedication to the social well-being of Surrey residents, Marilyn Hermann received the Lifetime Achievement award in this category. Thank you to these winners plus all the runners-up for the work that you do for affordable housing, children and youth, poverty reduction, new immigrants and refugees, the indigenous people, and vulnerable women and girls in Surrey.


Did you know that last year a vacant 2-acre lot in Newton was transformed into an organic garden? And did you know that the produce grown here is FREE to the community that cares for it? More than just a place to plant and harvest food, PLOT Sharing Garden brings together neighbours  and increases the morale of the neighbourhood. And for all that it has done for our city, PLOT Sharing Garden has received this year’s Beautiful City award. Congratulations!



To move our city into the future – into a cleaner, more sustainable future – we have some innovative organizations stepping up to the task. Among them, we have two winners of the Clean Energy City Award.

One of the winners, Empower Me, is a team of mentors, a community advocate and staff who provide services in 3 South Asian languages, 3 Chinese languages, Farsi, Korean and English. Their energy conservation efforts have had a proven reduction of 7.5 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per home! Learn more about them and the company they share this Clean Energy City Award with.


Sports! So important to any city because they bring together people from all walks of life and transcend culture and language. Two organizations were honoured with the Sport in the City Award – one in the category of Regional or Provincial Event, and the other in the National or International Event. Both are remarkable groups that value both community spirit and the impact of sporting events on the tourism industry.

We admitted earlier to not knowing about a certain sport actually existing outside of a popular fantasy literature series. A runner-up for this year’s Sport in the City Award under the Regional or Provincial Event category is…Quidditch Canada – Western Regional Championship! You can read about it here!

For more information on the winners of NewCity Design Award, Heritage in the City Award, and Green City Award, check out the City of Surrey’s website.

But first, tell us in the comments – did you know that muggles could play Quidditch?



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