Vancouver innovative tech hub brings a marketer from Vienna

Born in Belarus, living in Vienna, Austria for 9 years and finally moved to Vancouver, Canada, 30-years old Wioletta Woronik has truly proved that she deserves to be called a young successful immigrant.

She has been studying International Management and Marketing at the University of Vienna and then working at the Austrian subsidiary of one of the largest Russian Oil companies LUKOIL for several years before arriving in Canada. She moved to Vancouver in order to begin her journey as a Marketing and Business Development Lead in a tech start-up and possibly launch her own business. Wiloletta believes that it’s much easier to establish a company and find investors in Vancouver rather than in Europe as the legal process is cheaper and more simple to follow. Moreover, Vancouver was recently ranked as a top startup ecosystem in Canada and the 15th in the world so it’s a blooming opportunity to start something new here.

The company she works for is called Q.I. Leap Analytics Inc. It’s fresh and innovating business which grows very rapidly. Recently, it has launched a new product REXEIPT. “It is a powerful customer engagement platform that connects merchants to their customers”, claims Wioletta. The product has its own app for both Androids and Apple phones. The idea is simple – everywhere you used to get a paper receipt (coffee shops, clothing brands, and etc), you will get an electronic one by tapping your phone on a specially installed button. With that smart move “you never lose your receipts, can easily return or exchange items, keep an eye on warranties, track expenses, do budgeting and save trees!”, explains Wioletta. You can also organize your e-receipts by date and merchant and keep them saved. Moreover, the app provides you with personalized recommendations for shopping, including offers and discounts.

As a true example of a young successful woman, Wioletta always learns new things: she reads relevant business literature and market reviews, and also participates in startup and tech related events. When asked what is being successful means for her, she says, “For me it is an ability to challenge myself, to overcome difficulties on the way to my dreams and constantly grow.” It is also about not giving up, and she believes she never does.

Website: REXEIPT
Video about the product: REXEIPT VIMEO

Alie Slabenko
Alie Slabenko is a local writer and poet passionate about human rights. She recently completed the New Media Journalism Program at Simon Fraser University. She also holds a Masters in Tax Crimes from Russia and PDD in Marketing from Douglas College in Vancouver. Alie has volunteered for the YVR airport magazine as a creative contributor and written several travel and lifestyle articles for an online Russian magazine. She is a traveler by heart and has visited Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, China, and the USA. In her free time Alie likes to paint, take photographs, write poems, and manage her social justice oriented website. Alie is a human rights advocate who seeks to serve people through her journalistic skills focusing on racism, transgender rights, women rights, and human trafficking.