WHO DOES THIS? Charity Trailer Stolen

Someone stole a trailer full of costumes, props and items belonging to the Royal Canadian Theatre Company. They dumped everything that was inside the trailer onto the side of the road into the mud. Costumes that had been sewn by volunteers, props built and painted by loving hands and items belonging to the set from Hounds of the Baskerville’s all thrown into a ditch.

“I had a phone call from an irate lady this morning complaining about us dumping our stuff near her house. She identified it and I told her it was impossible because it was all in the trailer parked in our drive until I looked out of the window….. At least we knew where to find it all.” Ellie King – Royal Canadian Theatre Company

License plate: WDP47T.

The trailer was taken from the driveway of the artistic director’s home in Langley.

“It is going to take some time to go through everything and sort out what we can salvage and what has to thrown away. I am heartbroken”

Royal Canadian Theatre Company was in the middle of rehearsing and preparing for their Christmas Panto – Sinbad, the Pirates and the Island of the Dinosaur.



This play is performed by professional actors working with the theatre companies youth mentorship program. This program, open to youth and children from the area, teaches song, dance, acting, teamwork, self esteem and respect, both for yourself and for others.

Kids version of what happened to the Royal Canadian Theatre Trailer. Stolen from Langley last week.

Posted by Surrey604 on Sunday, November 19, 2017

Kids version of what happened to the Royal Canadian Theatre Trailer. Stolen from Langley last week.

No one deserves to have anything stolen from them but it is such a shame that those who are trying so hard to do good work in the community has this happen to them right as they are about to go on stage.

Many of their props and stage pieces are broken beyond repair. There is no insurance for items created by volunteers and although the trailer is insured, the $1000 deductible is too much for a theatre company that puts every cent of donations back into productions.

This company is run by volunteer sweat and love and their heart for community is evident in so many ways. They asked the City of Surrey to partner with them to do a relaxed performance for adults and kids who find it difficult to access live theatre because of a disability. They take the companies motto of being inclusive of everyone as more than just something that you say – it needs t be something that you practice. This performance will be held on Dec 21st.

“In my years on the board of Royal Canadian Theatre Company, I have seen countless young people and children come through the doors. They are nervous and alone and within a matter of days they are part of the family and their lives transform through theatre and song.”

The hours that are spent by volunteers managing the finances to fundraising teams to actors who teach for free to literally hours spent sewing sequins on costumes are only rewarded by the smiles of the kids and those fleeting moments on stage when you get to see someone really come out of their shell and own their moment in the sun.

It is worth every minute spent to see the triumph and confidence of those who have mastered stage fright and broken through to a real sense of who they are and what they are capable of.” President of the Board

And then this happens….

What I do know is that the show must and will go on.

The volunteers have already come out of the woodwork to help.

“We will rebuild the set, we will fix the costumes that we can and remake the ones that we can’t. We will beg/borrow but never steal the money to get back on our feet. Of that you can be sure.”

But if you see a white trailer with the License Plate WDP 47T or if you have any skills in building sets, making costumes, social media or marketing…

…or if you love the Oscars and want to come to a fundraiser to help the Royal Canadian Theatre Company raise the money to replace the trailer

… or if you would like to help the company financially by a donation

…or if you would just like to see the good guy win once and awhile – buy tickets for the show. That way you get to see what they see.

Good triumph over evil, every single time.

Can you tell they are trying to make lemonade out of some really rotten lemons? They are trying to see the good side of this and maybe the good side is that they will get to meet you.

Please contact Royal Canadian Theatre Company if you can help – and may the bad guy get caught and the good guy win this time.

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