Self Made: A Journey of Transition – Episode 4: Conversion Therapy

Watch Natasha Raey talk to Andrew Trepanier about their story as a transmasculine male. *Trepanier uses the pronouns “they/them.”

In this episode of “Self Made: A Journey of Transition,” Natasha Raey Talks to Andrew Trepanier about their experience as a transgender individual in conversion therapy. They have been on testosterone transitioning from female to male for six years.

Trepanier underwent social, prayer, electroshock therapy and counselling.

Trepanier underwent conversion therapy for six months at Langley Hospital at age 18.

The conversion therapy was unsuccessful and left them with lasting trauma, “since the ‘therapy’ I know I haven’t been the same, there are parts of me that I’ve forgotten, electrocuted right out of my memories,” said Trepanier in an email statement.

Over those six months Trepanier underwent social, prayer, electroshock therapy and counselling. Social therapy and counselling were aimed to try to ‘teach’ Trepanier to be a “straight woman,” while prayer therapy consisted of praying to God to get everything back to “normal.” Electroshock therapy purposefully induced Trepanier to have seizures in hopes of “re-wiring” the brain.

“Conversion therapy was hell, I was told that there is certain way to be and that’s how I should strive to live my life. On the 11th session [of electroshock therapy] I woke up during the procedure, my mouth guard was gagging me, the straps around my torso had come loose, I was frantic, and yet the nurses and the doctor didn’t seem to be phased,” says Trepanier.

After that 11th session, they left the Langley hospital and never returned. Today Trepanier receives counseling to help them get past their trauma, and is now speaking out about the dangers of conversion therapy.

Surrey604 reached out to the Christian organization, Journey Canada known to run “gay conversion therapy” in the country, but was unsuccessful at an over the phone interview or email statement.

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This project was made possible thanks to the generous support of EPAMA who has been at the forefront of GLBT representation in Surrey since 2000.

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