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Surrey-based astrologer, psychic and aura reader, Sanjeev Katoch has your love horoscope for 2018.

ARIES | Arians are full of energy and enthusiasm, their love is sudden and is high in passion. Jupiter is very well placed in Libra until October 2018. Saturn is also sitting in their sign of fortune for the entire year so their love life and relationships are going to be very fulfilling in 2018. This year is an excellent time to look for your soulmate. Disputes in marriage are going to be resolved in the coming months.

Lucky stone-Red Coral | Lucky color-Red and Orange | Ruling planet-Mars

TAURUS | Since your ruling planet is Venus, you are extremely sensual in nature and always pursue for material comforts and physical pleasures. Planet Saturn is occupying unfavorable sign ,therefore you need to be more cautious before starting a new relationship. Your existing love relationship will go very well. Avoid indulgence as everything that glitters is not gold.

Try to wear white color on Monday and Friday | Avoid consuming alcohol on Saturdays

GEMINI | Your planetary composition indicates that relationships are not going to be very healthy in 2018. You may be betrayed by your partner! Separations and lawsuits are indicated. Try to keep your calm especially if your partner’s sign is Aries or Cancer.

Ruling planet Mercury | Lucky gemstone Emerald | Grow some green plants in your bedroom | Worship Lord Ganesha

CANCER | You are sensitive, sentimental, and emotional by nature and also suffer from mood swings at times. The Year 2018 is going to give you mixed results. After June 2018, your love life and relationships will be improved. Take care of your health. If your partner’s sign is Cancer or Capricorn, please avoid confrontation as it could lead to big issues.

Ruling Planet-Moon | Lucky Gemstone-Pearl | Lucky Color-White and Dark Blue

LEO | The placement of Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn indicates that in the year 2018, Romance and Love Life will be in Top Gear. You will enjoy your relationship and do a lot of traveling with your partner. Try to control your ego as this may cause some problems after October 2018.

Lucky Color-Red and Green | Lucky Gemstone-Ruby | Ruling Planet-Sun

VIRGO | You will enjoy your relationships in 2018 only if you listen to your heart more than your brain. I assign 7 out of 10 points for satisfaction level in 2018. Your partner may have some trust issues. Avoid domestic arguments and talk to your partner instead of talking to someone outside. Outsiders can take advantage of your situation.

Wear Sandalwood ‘Tikka’ everyday | Lucky color green and navy blue | Lucky Mercury

LIBRA | The position of benevolent Jupiter and Venus is looking very favorable for 2018. Mutual bonding in relationship will grow. If there are any past issues or mistrust, it will be resolved soon. You may expect a marriage proposal soon. Avoid arguments especially if your partner is of Aries or Cancer ascendant.

Wear a Sandalwood ‘Tikka’ on every Thursday | Ruling Planet – Venus | Lucky color – White and Navy Blue

SCORPIO | you will get mixed results in love and relationships in 2018. Anger and trust issues may appear. You will see a tremendous improvement after June 2018.

Ruling Planet – Mars | Lucky Color – Red and Orange | Article of Donation- Anything Sweet

SAGITTARIUS | With planet Saturn sitting in your ascendant for the next two years, relationships are going to be challenging. Your best friend can cheat you. Don’t put blind faith on anyone, use your intuition or judgement.

Ruling planet-Jupiter | Lucky Color-Yellow and Orange | Lucky Ornament-Yellow Gold | Put turmeric ‘Tikka’ behind your ear every Thursday

CAPRICORN | Excellent year for love matters. You will receive great pleasure and fulfillment in your relationships and if someone is not meant for you, that person will reveal his true colors which will give you great clarity to move forward towards a better future.

Ruling planet-Saturn | Lucky Color-Navy Blue and White | Avoid drinking alcohol on Saturday

AQUARIUS | Wedding Bells Are Ringing. Ladies will get their suitable partner because benevolent Jupiter is bestowing its grace on you.

Ruling Planet-Saturn | Lucky Color-Navy Blue and White

PISCES | A word of caution for people born in this sign. This is going to be a testing time in love matters. Even if you both are loyal to each other, something sudden and unexpected will come across which may become the bone of contention.

Wear-Yellow Gold | Ruling planet-Jupiter | Lucky Color-Yellow and Orange

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