Health & Technology District Partners with Tamwood Careers College on Innovation Internship Program

Unique internship program from Tamwood’s Global Startup School promotes entrepreneurship and innovation training for international students

Surrey, BC | The Health and Technology District has partnered with Tamwood Careers College on an Innovation Internship program to complement entrepreneurship and innovation programs offered at Tamwood’s Global Startup School (GSS). The Innovation Internship helps students in the Global Startup School build their entrepreneurship skills with hands-on innovation training by integrating them into workplaces at various health-tech companies at the District.

“This is a unique and compelling partnership for the Health & Technology District because it invests in entrepreneurs, builds up the health-tech talent pool and creates opportunities for innovators, which are key drivers to the success within the health and technology sectors across BC,” states Rowena Rizzotti, Vice President of Healthcare and Innovation at the Health and Technology District. “This venture was originally built by entrepreneurs in BC and contributes to the rapid development of this innovation ecosystem right here in the province.”

Several companies within the Health & Technology District have already signed up for the Innovation Internship program including Safe Software, one of BC’s largest software companies which specializes in FME software, and HealthTech Connex Inc., a BC based health-technology company revolutionizing the practice of clinical neuroscience. Next year the District will expand the program to both national and international partners, including the Centre for Digital Innovation in Israel.

“Vancouver has been consistently ranked as one of the world’s top startup cities attracting investments in innovation, entrepreneurship, and job creation, which is why we are introducing the Innovation Internship for our students with partners like the Health and Technology District here in the Lower Mainland,” says Tamsin Plaxton, Co-Founder of Global Startup School at Tamwood Careers and President & Managing Director of the Tamwood group of companies. “Support from companies within the District helps cultivate the next generation of innovation leaders that will no doubt increase the number of startup success stories here in BC.”

Tamwood Career’s Global Startup School is a unique combination of a business school, an incubator, a co-working space and a business accelerator. The new Innovation Internship component of the GSS Diploma in Innovation and Entrepreneurship consists of placing students, many of them with post-secondary and masters degrees, in an eight-week internship at a Canadian startup or large company, with mentorship opportunities and business pitch sessions with innovation leaders. By combining the traditional business school model of lectures and seminars with the lean startup, hands-on model of incubators and accelerators, students can learn the skills and knowledge to either launch their own business, work in a startup or work as an innovator for a big business.

About the Health and Technology District

The Health and Technology District is one of BC’s most rapidly growing and dynamic new health tech sectors located in Surrey’s emerging innovation ecosystem. The District includes a series of high-tech buildings, developed by Canadian-based Lark Group, located and under expansion immediately adjacent to Surrey Memorial Hospital. It is a unique collaborative cluster of multinational and start-up companies, international partners, clinical and research facilities, scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs, working in partnership to accelerate the implementation of technologies and solutions towards health care impacts and improvements.

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