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Day 4 at Vancouver Fashion Week F/W18



Featured image credit: Tristen Williams Photo – Pariah

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018 – Vancouver, BC – at the David Lam Hall in downtown Vancouver marked an evening of variety with a strong selection of designers from around the world, and a special four-legged friend opening a show.

Kicking off the night were students from La Salle College, the Fashion Design Program in Vancouver. The feature began with an attention to Global Warming – rethink, reuse, recycle as the theme for the four collections. The first designer was Shuo Yang, who beautifully layered blue and white tones together. Second, Azam Rezahosseini transitioned to gold and floral details, with pops of colour from the inside linings of black and white pieces. Next, Gukirat Narong’s collection brought pastel hues of nude, red and green to life with detailed high extended necklines. Alannah Anderson closed with a textured collection of ruffled tulle in navy blue.

Vancouver designer Melissa Yin showcased flattering cuts with her eponymous leather-based brand, presenting ‘Nine to Five’ a collection of edgy yet sophisticated pieces to take you from day to night. Bright lipstick-red leather was contrasted with cream and black shades in fitted silhouettes. A striking look was formed with an elegant black full-length dress with short-capped sleeves and a cinched-in waist. Silver star-shaped zippers and rhinestone trim caught the light with an inspiring attention to detail.

The House of AmZ exhibited stand out pieces featuring cross-stitching and cinching techniques. The FW18 collection was composed of feminine silhouettes created from wool and silk pieces. A palette of soft purple and crème colours was intertwined in A-line skirts, cuffs, and draping sleeves. Designer, Alexandra Zofcin, cultivates a modern expression of femininity.

Bia Boro Bamboo brought a fresh floral unisex collection of underwear and loungewear for FW18. A youthful energy ignited the runway with tropical floral prints on soft cotton fabrics perfect for laid-back days. A special guest, Christopher the Pig brought smiles to the audience as he opened and closed the segment.

Australian brand Minestilo put a spin on blazers and trousers with pleat detail and structured fabric. The folding and origami techniques create dimensional and modern shapes from a classic look.

U.S designer Jordan Ewing for ZURI bridal showcased a dreamlike collection of wedding gowns. A tribute to her grandparents’ era, the style accentuates the classically glamourous period with polished elegant silhouettes. Fine laces and intricate beading complimented beautiful chiffon, silk satins, crepe, and organza. A highlight was an exquisite beaded floral lace gown with sweetheart neckline and exposed back.

Bright clashing colours and eccentric prints marked Barbara Riordan’s collection for U.S brand Pariah. The designer’s brazen sense of humour shone through her new unisex line, ‘Alchemy’, with vibrant cartoon prints on sweaters, circle skirts, and trench coats. Black is used throughout as a contrast to emphasize the vivid tones. A highlight look; a bright yellow comic strip printed two piece featuring cropped fitted jacket and a 3 tiered mini skirt.

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About Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW)

VFW is the fastest growing fashion week in the world and the only industry event that actively seeks out to showcase international award winning designers from over 25 global fashion capitals. For 30 seasons, Vancouver Fashion Week has celebrated multiculturalism and up-and-coming on their runways. We strive to identify undiscovered designers by providing an accessible and internationally reputable platform. Through international media coverage and cogent buyer connectivity, VFW has provided the exposure to project past designers on to the stages of success.

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The creator of, Daman Beatty (AKA 'Beatler') is originally from Sackville, New Brunswick. A longtime media producer, visual designer, marketing and communications specialist, Daman loves travel, technology and being a Daddy.

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8 Best Beard and Hairstyle Combo For A Men



The combination of hairstyle and beard is necessarily not acknowledged by every guy but in order to have perfect look, you need a combination that gives you a leverage look. Your look turns attractive only when you have the right beard and hairstyle combination. In this article, we are going to come across various combinations that will help you in finding the one that you need. Your beard and hairstyle choice should be based on your hair type. If you have thin hair then you would need an attractive beard that suits your hairstyle. On the other hand of your hair are thick then your beard should complement your hairstyle.

  • Contrast and Style: You can complement your hairstyle shade that can complement your beard shade. It is quite trendy. It is an interesting way to try different looks and look different and handsome with different tones.
  • Military Haircut: A short and trimmed beard is the best compliment to your military hairstyle look. This is the best way to balance your hairstyle look with your beard.
  • Light Beard with Medium Hair length: A light beard style suits the hair with volume and medium length. You would get a cool look with such contrast.
  • Beard and Long Hair: Long hair is ideal for those who carry a rigid look. However, the long hairstyle might give those with a thin face an awkward appearance. Although if you are quite inclined towards long hair look then you should keep your beard growth towards the jawline. Your long hair and manly look come hand in hand when you try this out.
  • You can try on various looks irrespective of the length of your hair. The best Panasonic electric shavers can provide you with the type of clean shave that helps you look your best. You can try on many hairstyles and beard combos. You do not wish for any unnecessary bumps on your head post head shaving. If you are an enthusiast who likes to try different looks on his face then you also need to carry the best grooming material. Your head needs a shaver that provides fine changes without any cuts. It should go smooth on your head surface. These were some basic tips.

Let us now discuss the hairstyle that is best for your beard type and gives you a signature and unique look:

1. Short Beard with wild curls
If you have been dying to carry a sexy and appealing look then putting your curls free will make them irresistible and you would be a piece of attraction for many. You can create magic with your short beard and wild curls.
2. Medium Beard for Long Stylish Hair
In this combination, you can complement your long and sleek hair by tying them at the back of our heads. The side portion of your head is tapered and cut short while moving down. You can slay it off with a fuller and medium beard to add to your manly appearance.
3. Natural Beard and short hair
Comb your short hair backwards always. The long hair stripes should be arranged backwards and the rest should be tapered on the sides of your head. Have a full beard that should be of medium length and turns thinner while reaching your ears.
4. Elegantly styled and short beard
If your style statement promotes style with elegance then this can be your major goal. You can gel and rush your hair of medium length to the back. Your beard should be short and thick. This combination is surely going to provide you with a charming and classy look at the same time.
5. Overgrown stubble for overgrown hair
If you wish to have long hair but do not want to carry a messy look at the same time then this can be your right combination. With an overgrown beard, you can complement your long hair look at your best.
6. Hair and tapered beard
Tapering is the best way to look stylish and handsome. Your personality gets an overall boost up and you get a charming and friendly look. Your beards are tapered on the edges and are of medium length. Along with your beard, your hair is also tapered on the edges. Your messy hairstyle from the front gets balanced and gives you a gentlemanly appearance.
7. Full Beard with Short spikes
Spikes can be a great styling option if you have short hair. Along with that, you can have a full beard and you will rock in your look.
8. Intense long beard with lower bun
You should embrace your long sleek hair by tying them at the back and an untrimmed fully grown beard can give you a mystical look. You would be all set to share your strong intense persona to the world.
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How Emerging Fashion Label ASELECTFEW is empowering South Asian Culture through Streetwear



An Inside look into ASELECTFEW with creator Moneey Singh about the new collection and their latest event.

By Gagan Jhand

ASELECTFEW – A new streetwear label in Vancouver is taking inspiration from South Asian truck art in their launch of their latest “Phool Patti” (truck art) Collection drop. With designs that incorporate it’s Indian roots through the use of custom turmeric dyes, hand-painted elements, and Hindi script imprinted and woven into the garments, ASELECTFEW’s new collection embodies an authentic truck art aesthetic infused with modern street culture.

In the creation of the brand ASELECTFEW, designer and Creative Moneey Singh combines his 8-year background in engineering with his passion for preserving his Indian roots through fashion. “In order for people to truly embrace other cultures outside of their own, they need exposure in ways that still connects without it feeling too foreign.” Moneey Singh speaks on the significance and story telling behind the brand

Using Turmeric dyes to create their signature bright colors, and artwork derive from truck art molded into their own reinterpretation – the line embodies premium quality through their choice of fabrics and traditional South Asian garment making methods.

The usage of Hindi script tells a story through poetic phrases that translate to popular sayings in India such as “Kismet Ka Khel “ –as fate would have it or “Pyar Ka Karz” translating to “love costs”.

“I believe that things happen for a reason. That is what led me to this direction, to create this brand. With Pyar Ka Karz – I think this phrase would resonate with many because everything has a cost, even love. I had a great career in engineering, manufacturing, and project management – which led me to learn how to process things and implement change. It gave me the foundation to build and create, to want to evolve and innovate. At the end of the day through my experience, what I learned is that it’s all about communication.” Moneey Singh shares on his journey and experience that led him to create the brand.

The collection offers a range of tees, pants, shorts and hoodies made from heavy-weight 100% USA premium cotton and custom dye processes. As ASELECTFEW® had their official launch in June 2019, they’ve been organizing exclusive local events to be able to showcase their collection as well as connect with the community.

“It’s important for us to keep a strong tie with the community and hosting events allow us to do exactly that, have people coming together to celebrate art and culture. It also allows us to showcase what we’re about – creating thought-provoking, wearable art that pays homage to south Asian heritage.” Moneey Singh describes of their Events.

ASELECTFEW® at 5X festival, Beaumont Studios, Vancouver BC –June 2019

ASELECTFEW® at 5X festival, Beaumont Studios, Vancouver BC –June 2019

ASELECTFEW® is presenting their latest event happening this weekend- September 28th-29th as they debut their first pop-up and listening party – in collaboration with their new merch collection with world-renowned artist Khanvict. The Pop-Up will take place from 11:00am-7:00pm at the Sneaker Gallery in Gastown, located at 151 Cambie Street, Vancouver BC.

ASELECTFEW® at the Leisure centre, Vancouver BC – August 2019

ASELECTFEW® at the Leisure centre, Vancouver BC – August 2019

ASELECTFEW®’s pop-up viewings are appointment only and bookings can be made through their website at All guests that book an appointment will receive 30% the entire collection on any purchase made in-store, an ASELECTFEW® custom tote bag, two tickets to the evening listening party (RSVP here), as well as entered to win a raffle prize. Guests that book an appointment will also receive a 100-dollar credit towards any sneaker purchase at six hundred four. The evening listening party is from 7:00pm-11:30pm and is invite only, however all guests that book an appointment through our website are entitled to two tickets for the event which will offer free drinks, our new collection preview as well an opportunity to hear Khanvict’s new Kahani EP release.

To find out more about the brand, visit their website at To book an appointment for their latest event – register at

Instagram: aselectfew_official
Contact details:

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Highlights: South Asian Fashion Week 2019



Vancouver B.C. | For a city that’s usually not known for its sense of fashion, South Asian Fashion Week is here to save our fashion impaired city.

Once again, co-founders Cindy Khella and Farah Hassan have come together to host an event that celebrates and recognizes South Asian designers success locally and internationally.

Compared to last year’s event, this year’s show included a larger range of diverse contributors including, designers, stylists, models, artists, photographers and filmmakers.

The show was filled with collaborations from all artistic walks of life.

This year’s designers included Falguni Shane Peacock who A-list celebrities such as Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Priyanka Chopra Jonas have worn designs custom made to them. By popular demand, Falguni Shane Peacock was asked to walk two out of the three nights for their jaw-dropping designs.


Baynes and Baker, a dominantly male fashion line, used the SAFW runway to showcase their new women’s line. Many guests were in “awe” and excited for the numerous pieces they could wear day to day to work. Guests took to Instagram to say how much they loved and needed to own pieces of this new collection.

Show stoppers, Masters in Leasure by Dontdoze took the stage to uniquely display a fusion of paintings, sculptures and clothing. The stage was used to display the artist’s fashion and costume design project. Their designs symbolized and connected to the works of artists such as Banksy who had painted, “Love is in the Bin.”

Dontdoze has also produced and curated an art showcase that was displayed outside of the runway where guests had the opportunity to take look at Dontdoze’s and local artists work. The artists curated in the showcase included work from Sandeep Johal, Ricky and Rajan, Sunroop Kaur and Paint to Paper Studios.

Local Surrey designers took the stage as well, just as much displaying their collections besides international and national designers.

SAFW included many other surprises including Canadian influencers that sat within the audience. Influencers included MangHoe Lassi a Canadian-Pakistani drag queen, Pooja Patel a social media influencer, and Wanting Qu Chinese singer-songwriter.

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UP! Pants new Spring/Summer 2019 collection available now! Let your ‘Spring Romance’ bloom with face of the brand Niki Taylor



Celebrate the warming weather with the incredible pants that blend fashion, function and fit, with UP! Pants’ new ‘Spring Romance’ (S/S ’19) collection available now! Enjoy a multitude of colorful and fun new styles in the pants that make every woman feel fabulous.

The Montreal-born brand is also thrilled announce that supermodel and icon Niki Taylor will be returning as the face of their Spring/Summer ‘19 collection. A real-life embodiment of what UP! aspires to achieve: inner beauty, warmth, and confidence; UP! is honored to share their efforts in making every woman blossom with confidence this Spring with Niki.

Let your Spring Romance bloom and blossom with UP! Pants and Niki! The Spring/Summer ’19 Collection is an amazing mix of bold and fun colourful prints, combined with geometric and textured jacquard patterns. From bright orange sunflowers, to soft black & navy toiles,

pastel floral arrangements and vibrant micro florals, the choices are endless! This collection places a greater emphasis on color and prints that pop, while also including the styles UP! is known for with side slits, petal slit detailing, boot cuts, straight legs and more!

The upcoming collection also marks the return of their luxury Cavalli twill fabric, designed in pastel tones including; dusty rose and blue – injecting a soft feminine feel into the design. Furthermore, the brand’s luxury Roma fabric will now come in a gaucho, the perfect trans-seasonal pants! Lastly, with the popularity of their denim collection, UP! Pants has added a white crop! It’s safe to say that there’s tons to look forward to this season!

Spring/Summer ’19 will be UP! Pants’ second collaboration with Niki. As creative director Jacqueline Harris explains: “Niki is a timeless beauty she is just as beautiful now at 43 as she was at 16, 22, and 32! She never goes out of style which epitomizes exactly what UP! Pants is all about. We, like Niki, are not a fad.”

Since its development in 2014, UP! Pants has been revolutionizing the fashion world, by merging function and fit with its transformative pull-on pants. A brand designed to empower women and make them feel confident in who they are, UP! Is now available in over 600 stores across Canada.

UP!’s pull-on pants breakthrough THINCREDIBLE FIT technology works by using materials that stretch perfectly and comfortably to conceal any imperfections. The contour stretch waistband gives everyone’s middle the most flattering look. It’s built-in front panel slims and flattens in comfortable ways. Whether it be to a meeting, a night-out with friends, or a casual weekend at home, enjoy the look and feel that makes every woman feel perfect in her pants!

The company that manufactures the best feeling and best looking pull-on pants for women, UP! Pants continues to make women feel beautiful inside and out with their new collection. Let your Spring Romance bloom in all its shapes and sizes with UP! Pants’ Spring/Summer 2019 collection!

Additional Information:

Website | InstagramFacebook | Find a store near you

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South Asian Fashion Week second walk will bring more surprises



Vancouver, B.C. | The second annual South Asian Fashion Week has finally arrived in Vancouver, and this year’s event coordinators and designers are coming in with all they’ve got.

This week, Feb. 21, SAFW hosted a media launch in Yaletown’s exclusive and hidden gem, the Pierre’s Champagne Lounge. Media was invited to mingle alongside the co-founders of SAFW, two of the show’s designers, as well as a few models of the show who wore the selected designs that introduced this year’s collection.

The designers invited to display their line Thursday evening were House of Raina representing women’s fashion as well as Baynes and Baker, representing men’s fashion. Both designers walked the runway last year and both have big plans for this year’s runway.

SAFW’s co-founders Farah Hasan and Cindy Khella, believe that Vancouver was an obvious choice to display South Asian fashion for its diversity and fashion scene.

“Vancouver may be known for it’s Lululemon and love for yoga, but Vancouver also loves fashion,” said Hasan.

After their first attempt to display South Asian fashion, the show captures major international attention which caused Hasan and Khella the ability to let the show grow.

This year numerous vendors will be displaying their work prior, during and before the showcase. Guests can also expect to see designers such as Falguni Shane Peacock whose designed for celebrities like Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

Models from around the world have been invited to walk the runway and are flying in from locations such as Burma, Toronto, Los Angles and New York.

According to Khella, just like last years run, the stage is open and is meant to be diverse and representative.

“We’re really honoured to have these people come aboard and be a part of South Asian Fashion Week. For us, South Asian Fashion Week is almost like a melting pot, not only for cultures but also for different ideas,” said Khella.

Apart from the clothing and jewellery that will be displayed, Khella and Hasan have introduced an art lounge that is open to young and upcoming artists. The space is not only open to South Asian artists but is an opportunity for anyone.

Khella said that giving opportunities to young and upcoming artists is important to SAFW and she hopes to continue to incorporate the art lounge in coming years.

Details included in the graphic can be found on South Asian Fashion Week’s official site.

This year’s show includes a lot of firsts and numerous opportunities for young artists. According to Khella, young people interested in fashion, photography, videography, makeup and other artistic abilities can have the opportunity to join a new mentorship program.

“We want to create a platform where (artists) can come in and they can experience firsthand how it is to do makeup and to take photos,” said Khella.

This mentorship gives young people the opportunity to use showcase their talents. With Khella and Hasan behind them, they will also provide equipment, if needed, to those selected.

To kick the mentorship off, five artists have already been selected.

South Asian Fashion Week will run for three days during the first week of March.

To Khella, the success of fashion week can be credited to their guests.

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