Branded Indian Designers Can Now Be Found At Surrey’s Only Multi-Designer Boutique

If you are a resident of Surrey, then we’re sure you’ve likely heard or attended a big phat Indian Wedding – the week-long extravaganza with delicious food and impeccable décor and music. It’s obvious that the Indian Wedding industry is booming in Surrey and it even inspired a CBC journalist to create a documentary last year called, ‘Little India Big Business’. The documentary estimates that an Indian wedding has a price tag of $100,000.

The wedding industry market has caught the eye of the top fashion designers based in India – one of India’s most famous wedding designer, Shyamal from Shyamal & Bhumika, was in town a few weeks ago to launch a collection for the first time in Surrey at House of Raina, a new designer concept boutique.

Shyamal said:

“As a designer based in India, it’s great to see such a vibrant and growing industry in British Columbia. We have wanted to launch our collection in Canada for sometime now and knew instantly, when we met the owners of House of Raina that we had found the perfect location for our designs. While I was in Surrey, I met many brides for private consultations and I was very delighted to see many of them arrive with our campaign and show images and visions of what they wanted to wear. Brides visit us in India from around the world, including Canada, and now our brides and grooms finally have a chance to go see our collection in-person.”

Rita Johal and Raman Johal – Chauhan, the mother-daughter duo behind House of Raina, opened their boutique in February 2018 with a vision to provide brides-to-be and fashion enthusiasts a place to shop with superior customer service and couture collections. House of Raina is the first and only boutique in BC to carry an extensive line of branded Indian designers, including Shyamal & Bhumika, Payal Singhal and Rohit Verma.

The idea of a designer-only boutique was inspired by Raman’s own personal shopping experience. ‘When I was shopping for my wedding, I went to the UK and visited a few small niche boutiques who had all major designers under one roof. It was amazing to see all of the outfits at once and I realized there was a gap in our market. Our generation is looking for sophistication and elegance in their outfits and many times, brides make trips to India to find their outfits. Our aim with House of Raina is to become a destination catering to everyone – the bride, her bridal party and guests.’

This weekend, another emerging designer will be visiting House of Raina to launch their collection – Sam Sharma, a designer behind MadSamTinZim, will be at House of Raina on April 28 & 29th to meet customers. House of Raina is located at 111-8028 128 Street in Surrey.

Daman Beatty
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