Could a Brand New Casino Be Coming to Ladner?

Surrey and Delta residents could soon be joining the citizens of Ladner to partake in casino gaming by 2020. Following months of open houses and civic committee meetings, a project put forward by Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Ltd has been sent to the council of Delta for consideration. According to Richmond News, the proposal contains plans for a $70 million casino and hotel resort tho be built at the Delta Town & Country site. Of course, if the council accepts the proposal, it will then be subject to a public hearing, which will likely take place around June.

If everyone agrees that a casino resort could be a great asset for Delta, Ladner and Surrey then construction will hopefully begin by this fall. Unfortunately, this will probably cause some traffic issues at the junctions between highways 17A and 99 in Ladner, but it should all be worth it when the new complex opens in 2020.

Not only will there be 116 rooms to choose from in the massive hotel, but there will also be a number of restaurants and, of course, a huge casino floor. Considering how popular Canadian online casinos are with local and international audiences, it is sure to attract a number of visitors to the area and boost the local economy significantly. We’ll experience even more success if tourists start heading over to the new malls at Tsawwassen First Nation as well.

So, what is the likelihood of the casino complex being approved? Well, the B.C. Lottery Corporation invited the council members of Surrey, Delta and the TFN to show an interest in Gateway’s relocation to Ladner. Surrey unfortunately declined, which wasn’t that surprising since they did the same thing a few years ago, but the TFN and Delta are both very much on board.

Of the two, Delta was certainly most interested, even putting forth the Delta Town & Country Inn as the ideal site for the complex due to its distance from residents and transport links. Even we were surprised at how supportive Delta is of this move, especially considering that two decades ago politicians heavily opposed the idea of a casino expansion in the province as well as a Lady Luck Entertainment casino and bingo facility at the TFN.

The positive shift in attitude is probably due to the fact many Lower Mainland cities in Canada are now receiving plenty of revenue from casinos. In fact, Richmond’s River Rock Casino Resort is arguably one of the most popular entertainment complexes this side of Canada. Considering the fact that Gateway already owns 26 other successful gaming facilities around the nation, including the Grand Villa of Burnaby and Starlight in New Westminster, the chance of Delta’s new complex thriving is very high.

Of course, we’d love to hear your opinions on this. Will you support the construction of a brand new entertainment complex and resort, or would you prefer that something else is built in its place? Perhaps you believe nothing needs to change at all? Let us know in the comments below.

Surrey604 Staff
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