Most Popular Online Games in Canada Right Now

The immense popularity of online gaming stretches across the world. More often than not, players seek the online multiplayer elements of games over some of the more traditional elements, such as the story or campaign. In Canada, it’s no different. This new generation of online gamers has risen to prominence. While this isn’t to say that games without an online mode aren’t still very popular, online games certainly garner a huge audience. Right now, three quite different forms of online gaming are reigning supreme in Canada. What’s impressive is that these providers of hours of entertainment continue to grow in popularity.

First off, we’ll delve into what is currently the most popular game in a newly emerged genre. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – or ‘PUBG’ as it’s known – is an in-depth, Battle Royale style game which boasts an incredible worldwide player base. The game pits players against each other on a huge map to battle to be the last player standing. For a while now, PUBG has been – by far and away – the most played game on Steam. It peaks with nearly two million players at any one time and has been played over 7.55 billion times overall.

Source: Play Battlegrounds, via Twitter

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds fights for its player base in Canada with Fortnite: Battle Royale. PUBG is seen to bring a more realistic gaming experience; one that many gamers seek out. But, no matter how big the Battle Royale genre becomes, it’ll be hard-pressed to contend with the popularity of online casino gaming. In Canada, online gamers have quick and easy access to hundreds of casino games from one site at any time. But, one form of casino game has emerged as the most popular. Given that many areas of Canada are stooped in cinematic history, including Surrey, it should come as no surprise that movie-themed casino games boast a gigantic player base. This different kind of online casino games immerses players in their favourite movies as well as offer the gaming experience most associated with casinos. Games like Planet of the Apes, The Matrix, Justice League, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and Rocky are all much-loved films and games in Canada.

Source: Rays of Cinema, via Twitter

A certain, notoriously difficult online game has become a favourite among the more serious and competitive gamers of Canada. Dota 2 takes the form of a multiplayer online battle arena but is described by its developers as an action real-time strategy game. Two teams battle on a field to push and destroy the opposition’s base, or The Ancient. Despite how difficult it is for players starting off, online gamers find themselves vying to improve and learn the strategies of the game. Dota 2 boasts incredible depth and offers multiplayer gameplay that emphasizes the need for teamwork.

That game’s popularity in Canada and the rest of world has led to its standing as one of the flagship games pushing the increasingly popular world of eSports. This is greatly down to how players do get better with practice as they learn strategies and skills, can’t pay to win and have to coordinate with teammates – much like with traditional, non-digital sports. These three online gaming providers are at the very peak right now in Canada. They each offer very different gaming experiences, but all utilize the powers of the internet to bring about hours of enjoyment.

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