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Simple, Easy Refueling for Disabled Drivers is now available in Surrey.

Filling up the car is one of the biggest challenges for drivers with mobility challenges. But its also a challenge for gas stations – as they are sometimes too busy to come out and help us fuel up, or they have only one person on staff at that time.  For the mobility challenged driver they don’t know if a station can help until they arrive, which can mean driving from station to station to find one that can help.

This is where the fuelService app comes in – it allows mobility challenged drivers to request service before they arrive at a gas station to see if they can help.  They get a confirmation, and can then arrive there safe in the knowledge that someone will come out and help them pump gas without having to honk their horn, or wave their arms, or wait for someone to notice them and possibly be able to come out and help.

fuelService is making driving safer, and more accessible to drivers with mobility challenges, and it’s available now in Surrey, BC at participating Chevron and Shell locations!  Download the app today on either Google Play or the App store and see for yourself how simple refueling can be.

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