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South Asian Filmmaker Hoping to Feature Surrey’s Fashion Community with StoryHive Pitch

Without a doubt, the diversity movement in the local film industry is booming. With Telus Storyhive’s grant applications, up and coming filmmakers are now stepping up to voice their stories. For South Asians, more content is on its way.

Director and Writer Jacquile Kambo and his team are working hard to campaign for their project involving a South Asian model in the fashion industry.

“Showstopper follows Anisha, an insecure model who is up against her Mom’s perfect vision as the Showstopper for their upcoming fashion show. When things don’t go well with her kickboxing coach, Anisha must hide her secrets.”, he tells us. “It focuses on a South Asian cast with strong women dominating the story. I feel it’s a story that needs to be told”.

Arshdeep Purba, attached to star in the short film, says it brings a lot of awareness and focuses on its core theme of Self- Empowerment. “Society is always causing you to think a certain way and it puts you in a box. And what I like about this film is how people can come out of that box and love themselves for who they are without what society loves about them”.

What really makes “Showstopper” an important story is the collaboration behind the scenes. Jacquile would like to involve the community as part of the filmmaking process. “I truly believe in what Storyhive is doing. I would love to collaborate with local fashion companies or magazines. I think this is important because I want to involve the community and put a good product for all our audiences”.

You can vote for Showstopper on Storyhive from Tuesday April 3rd to Friday April 6th.

Daman Beatty
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