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This may sound off topic, but follow me for a moment. From the early days of humanity, as we evolved and gathered around fires, we developed a unique way of communicating like no other animal. Or, depending on your faith, this special way of communication was given to us. Regardless of belief, I am talking about story. Jonathan Gottschall wrote that:

“the human imperative to make and consume stories runs even more deeply than literature, dreams, fantasy. We are soaked to the bone in story” (The Storytelling Animal, 18 – Available on Amazon).

Although the fire has changed color, from orange-yellow pits we sat together around to blue boxes that we carry in our hands, we are still engrossed in the act of storytelling. I am not just talking about YouTube and subscription services such as Netflix, but the very way we serialise our autobiographies on Facebook and Instagram, or convene with our friends and family over coffee to share stories from our lives. Story is the way we connect and remember, and stories evoke emotion and action (Brittany Taylor,

This is equally true in marketing. I am not talking about making up stories for the sole purpose of sales. These tactics break trust in your story. I am talking about packaging everything that your brand stands for, and arranging the facts about your products and services into an authentic story, or aligning your business with good stories that people want to consume. Because the truth is, if you want a potential customer to connect with you, then “there’s no better way reach them than through emotion-driven storytelling” (Brittany).

What does all this have to do with The Change Makers series and sponsorship? To answer that we need to ask another important question. How are local businesses and organizations going to reach potential customers when they have more freedom than ever before to control the content they consume. Potential customers are not only ignoring and blocking ads, but they are feeling annoyed with the current state of digital advertising? The solution is in storytelling. It’s also in creating content that earns an audience, and invites them – rather than interrupts them.

This is where our original series, The Change Makers, and The Surrey604 platform is uniquely positioned to help local businesses and organizations. Here are five ways a partnership with our platform and original series will help your business:


Our show and platform will allow you to connect with a large audience in the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland. You can feature your product or service in a contest or strike up a discussion – our audience is active and engaged.


Our show and platform will allow you to market to over 400,000 viewers across our social platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.


Our show and platform is an opportunity to promote your services or products through sponsored content, banners, and social media posts. More than that, each package contains a level of photo and video marketing services that will be customized to best promote your business.


Our show and platform will help you create a presence within the local community and alongside positive and authentic content that inspires the community.


Our show and platform is an opportunity to become a part of branded original video content that is reaching audiences through storytelling.

Sponsored video content is a powerful marketing tool that large brands such as Heineken, Peter Rabbit, Wendy’s, DIRECTV NOW, and Smirnoff often use. These brands are not only using this method to reach more people than they could on their own, build stronger connections, and create brand affinity/trust with their partner’s already established audience.

We invite you to download the sponsorship package and contact us about a strategic partnership that will earn your brand attention, relevance, links, SEO, PR, and social media conversations.


*Gottschall, Jonathan. The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Makes Us Human. New York: First Mariner Books, 2013.

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Joseph Kafka
I am at heart a video content creator and storyteller with love for photography. I have discovered three important truths about marketing and creativity so far: (1) Whether you're Business to Business or Business to Customer, it’s all people to people, (2) The shortest distance between two people is a story, (3) openness to discovery is the pathway to creativity and sharing.