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Meet Taran and Bunny Ghatrora, the creators of ELLEBOX and Blume, a subscription service that provides organic feminine hygiene products for menstruation and self-care. They want to change the discussion around menstruation, and foster normalcy and dignity for women and girls around the world. In episode 2 of the Change Makers, we follow them as they host a menstrual hygiene drive at the West Village Cafe, in Surrey BC. Their mission is to collect 75,000 pads and tampons for the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre. That’s enough pads and tampons for an entire year!

Join Ellebox/Blume in helping to raise money for Days for Girls, to support menstrual equity and education around the world. Ellebox will be matching all donations up to $1,000.

Why a Menstrual Hygiene Drive?

The fact that 50% of the population has periods, pads and tampons are essential as toilet paper, so the fact if they are not provided in schools, businesses – bathrooms in general, but the toilet paper is, just goes to show how much we don’t recognize the importance of this. We think that the pads and tampons the least needed items across North America because of the stigma and taboo around women periods, and the fact that we don’t talk about them very much. 

Now that we have been talking to the women’s centers, and we have been doing these drives, we realized that when you’re donating food and personal care products it is very much forgotten.

What do you feel is unique about Ellebox/Blume?

I think a big part of what we do at Blume is empowerment, we empower women to make their own decisions and to part of the decisions that they are making, and to not feel scared to say what they feel, and how they feel, at any time, to anybody, and I think that’s something truly exciting for us, because we don’t think women should feel limited by their own beliefs or by any beliefs that people are pushing on them.

What have you learned since you started Ellebox/Blume?

Throughout a year and a half of running this company, we have realised from talking to customers and getting messages from young girls that there is a lack of sex education, and there is a lack of information about women bodies. I’m (Taran) 27 and I am just getting comfortable with like everything about my body, knowing about it, and that’s because society has really limited, you know, the conversation around both periods and women health, and so for us being that go to resource not only for good for you sustainable products but also information and education is our goal.

What are some ways we can all help to create better periods for women and girls?

There’s three ways we can all help create better periods, I think one is just have a conversation and be open to conversation. Two is start stocking bathrooms and public places with pads and tampons. Whether it be in school or business, we shall work towards that. And the third is donate to causes like days for girls overseas, which helps provide access for pads and tampons to girls that are missing school because of their biology, and also causes locally like Women’s Centers and Food Banks where they’re lacking donations in pads and tampons.

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