Even though it was relatively unexpected, dating was one of the things that was changed forever with the introduction of the commercial internet. It meant that millions of people could use the internet for personal use, and dating online was one of them. It was in the late 1990s to early 2000s when the first online dating websites like eHarmony and Match were created, but the biggest “game-changing” moment came in 2012 when the first online dating application Tinder was launched.

With more than 10 million active users per day, it is the most popular dating application and it is no wonder that it has a net worth of $3 billion. Tinder works by finding people near the location that the user has enlisted as her home, and also creates matches based on people’s age and interests. Tinder has an estimated 50 million users and the application has been downloaded more than 100 million times, with more than 11 million global installs. The statistics show that 50% of the users are college aged. The 73% of college students rated Tinder as their favorite application. The 27% of them use Tinder to find significant other, and 20% of college students who use Tinder need a hook-up.

These stats show that people in their 20s are the ones using Tinder the most. The growing trend of using technology for finding a soulmate is starting to become a common practice for most of the worldwide population, and the same can be said for the city of Surrey BC, which has an abundance of young people. With 30% of the population being under the age of 19, and having a higher percentage of people under the age of 24 than the provincial average, the use of Tinder in Surrey has “exploded”. The city is growing in an astonishing rate with 800 people being “added” to the population every month.

The student population is constantly growing as well, and it is no wonder that they are using Tinder to help in finding people for casual dating and maybe even for a serious relationship. The reason why they opt to use this application in particular is the simplicity it has. All they need to do is create the account and connect it to Facebook. Then all they have to do is swipe right if they like the other person, or swipe left if they don’t. When they both like each other, Tinder tells them that the match is made, and opens a messaging function. Tinder has changed dating forever and even though some people like it and others don’t, the use of the most famous online dating application is only going to continue.

Surrey604 Staff
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