Crispy, Hot, Honey Garlic… It’s National Wing Weekend at 7-Eleven

If you’re a fan of this mouth-watering meal and want an excuse to eat some drumsticks or wingettes then National Wing Weekend (July 28 & 29) is a holiday you won’t want to miss. 7-Eleven Canada will be celebrating the holiday by offering 10 wings for just $7.11! You’ll have a selection of wings to choose from – crispy, hot, honey garlic, we could go on!

Last year, the brand became the first in Canada to celebrate National Wing Day and has since extended the holiday to an entire weekend. The convenience store’s wings are made with 100% Canadian chicken, are cooked on demand and come hot from the oven in minutes. They’re serious about chicken – one bite and you’ll hunger for more!

Fun Facts about Chicken Wings:

  • The most popular dipping sauce for wings is ranch dressing – a cool and creamy dip (blue cheese dip is a close second!)
  • The world record for most chicken wings eaten in a sitting is 363 wings in just 30 minutes, held by Molly Schuyler in 2014.
  • A reported total of 1.3 billion chicken wings are consumed on Super Bowl Sunday – this could circle the Grand Canyon 120 times.
  • 7-Eleven Canada has been in the chicken business for 20 years – and the chickens are raised by Canadian farmers with no added hormones or steroids (like all chicken in Canada).
  • It’s believed that Buffalo chicken wings were first served in a bar in Buffalo, NY in 1964 – and we haven’t looked back since.
Surrey604 Staff
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