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Lions Rise – A Documentary About Ranjit Singh & the Empire – Telus Storyhive 2018 Grant Contest

We are a group of passionate filmmakers who set out to create a cinematic documentary about Ranjit Singh, an emperor of the once formidable Sikh Empire of the 19th century. Although it was called the Sikh Empire, this was a time and place where Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, and Christians were all able to thrive and build a society together as a united community, it truly was an inclusive empire.

Our film Lions Rise is currently competing in the 2018 Documentary Edition of Telus Storyhive. The winner will be given a 50K grant and a few months to go out and complete their films. The voting period is underway and ends on Aug. 2nd 2018, votes may be cast once per day, and can be cast again the next day.

Our goal with this film is to spread knowledge of this secular empire, inspire youth, and create awareness about this hidden section of history. Allowing future generations to learn and become invested in their roots and heritage is key to shaping their identity and creating a connection between where they call home, and where their parents or grandparents did.

Please take a moment to vote for this project and help bring this film to reality, thank you!

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