Concept Plan underway for new Surrey hospital

In December 2017, when the B.C. government announced its commitment to build a new hospital in the fast-growing Surrey city, Health Minister Adrian Dix also stated that a Concept Plan for the hospital will be funded and worked on in 2018. Although the building of a new hospital is touted to take 6-10 years from Concept Plan to Project Completion.

The Concept Plan is a first step in planning for a hospital, for its services, size, location and title based upon the growing needs for health care in the community. The B.C. government commits to funding the building after their approval of the final Concept Plan. In early 2018, the Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner did publicly recommend Cloverdale be the location of the new hospital but the plan’s determination for the most appropriate location is not yet public.

The new hospital is often referred as the 2nd hospital in Surrey, where some consider it to be the 3rd hospital in Surrey. A few years ago, Surrey Memorial Hospital was expanded to become the second-largest hospital in BC and the province’s busiest emergency department. The current 2nd hospital in Surrey, is regarded by some as the Peace Arch Hospital (PAH) by 156 Street and 16 Avenue.

Although most of Peace Arch is south of 16 Avenue (the boundary road) that is in the City of White Rock (which used to be a town in Surrey until 1960s), the hospital is just a few steps away from South Surrey and its current expansion includes hospice and other construction north of 16 Avenue so in City of Surrey. Also the PAH catchment areas are both White Rock and South Surrey, so more people from South Surrey are cared at PAH than those from White Rock.

So that is why some regard PAH as the 2nd hospital in Surrey right now and the new one will be the 3rd hospital. Also the Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgical Centre is large and near to Surrey Memorial. But because is outpatient not inpatient sleeping inside it is not described as a hospital. So although it is an important second or third health facility in Surrey, being outpatient means not regarded as “hospital.”

David Plug
Ideas that could be innovative and enhance the quality of life, economy and health for Surrey residents and businesses are examined by David Plug. David is a former online & community journalist and healthcare communicator. Born on Vancouver Island, he has worked there, across Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley and also at Prince George in northern BC. His interest in Surrey enhancing its cool and useful offerings for families are motivated by the experiences of him, his wife, three kids, two siblings and mother who have resided in Surrey for 13 years. As a graduate in History from University of Victoria, he also contributes stories about Surrey’s legacy which is somewhat informed by his appointment to the Surrey Heritage Advisory Commission.