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Why I, Kuldip Pelia, want to become a Councillor for the city of Surrey

Why I, Kuldip Pelia, want to become a Councillor for the city of Surrey

I understand that the City of Surrey has ignored the “common man” for 20 years.
I am running as a Councillor for the city of Surrey. I was born and brought up in Punjab. I came to Canada 32 years ago. I have been watching for the last many years the way city has been spending taxpayers’ money. City of Surrey’s revenue was $323 Million in 2002, and in 2017 it was $1024 Million, an increase of 217% in 15 years, yet the “common man” hasn’t been benefitted.

1. No Skytrain extension since 1994. Population of Surrey is increased by 90% since 1994

2. No bus service improvement. On some routes, the frequency of buses is hourly or half hourly, and hasn’t been improved in a long time. On some routes service stops too early in the evening

3. No new libraries built since 2003 (City Centre library is a replacement of Whalley library). In Vancouver there’s a library for every 28,000 people, and in Surrey there’s one library for 60,000 people

4. No new recreation centres. Surrey needs more fitness centres, basketball courts, and Baseball Diamonds

5. No new hospitals. Surrey needs a new hospital ASAP.

6. No effort to make province build new schools, and add class-rooms. There are too many portable class- rooms

7. No steps taken to increase affordable housing

8. Not effective policing. In Surrey, there are approximately 160 Police Officers per 100,000 population whereas Vancouver has over 200

9. No attention paid to create affordable child care spaces. According to Surrey Child Care Report, 2018, Surrey has only 12.4 child care spaces for every 100 children aged 0-12, which is the lowest among 17 Metro municipalities

10. According to new Fraser Institute report, Surrey spends only $1,057 per capita. Delta, New Westminster, and Vancouver spend $1,823, 2,225, and 1944 respectively

No attention is paid to cleanliness. You can see dirty, stinking streets even in downtown Surrey

I have a burning desire to serve the citizens of Surrey. I strongly think that I deserve to be a Councillor. I will work to get Skytrain extended from King George to Langley, and will vote to cancel the LRT. I’ll address all the issues mentioned above.

Also, as I have a strong background in Accounting and Finance, I’ll help city make better financial decisions. So please vote for me on October 20, 2018. You can get information about my social activities by doing Google search with “Kuldip Pelia Surrey BC” and by visiting

Because there is no ward system in Surrey. Citizens do not know who to go to for their complaints. This often causes them to get frustrated. After my election as a Councillor , I will listen to the concerns of all Surrey citizens. Because I will be an independent Councillor, I can work directly with city employees to help citizens. Because of this, it is very important for me to win this election

Thanks, Prof. Kuldip Pelia 604-339-2654/778-681-4447 

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