New Airline Bumps Customer Support for Artificial Intelligence

A new airline is launching with a radically different approach to customer service: they’re eliminating it. At least in the traditional sense. How will Moxy a new airline by the founders of JetBlue – answer to all those inquiries regarding flight delays, cancellations and lost baggage? By taking the human out of the equation.

Customer service in the airline industry has long been considered broken viral social media complaints, memes and videos purportedly capturing the mistreatment of travelers are just a few of the issues facing the industry.

“Artificial intelligence is in a unique position to promote a better customer support experience that also comes at a lower cost. Chatbots make customer support processes more efficient and streamlined, so that there is more bandwidth for human-provided high-touch assistance when necessary,” said Helpshift CEO Linda Crawford. “In five years, it will be difficult to find a world-class company that isn’t using AI to improve the customer experience. Think about the last time you had to wait on hold with a customer service representative for 20 minutes. Using bots in this scenario means you get instant answers. The future of customer service is proactive not passive or reactive and brands who want to stay ahead of the competition should take this to heart.”

Surrey604 Staff
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