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The NAAD festival of music and dance

The NAAD festival of music and dance will present a confluence of classical, contemporary and folk dances at the Surrey Arts Centre on Saturday October 6th at 6:30 pm

This festival is part of the program of public performances at local venues organized by the NAAD Foundation to engage community and promote South Asian Classical and Folk art. “We are looking to increase public understanding and appreciation of the performing arts.” explains Mr Amarjeet Singh, President of the NAAD Foundation. “We are creating opportunities particularly for our local youth to hone their talents, build confidence and develop leadership skills whilst pursuing their interest in arts through our workshops and courses in Indian classical music, dance and language studies”, he adds.


This festival benefits from strong partnerships with prominent local South Asian and other dance schools in Surrey such as Sudnya Academy, Nandanam School of Bharat Natyam, the Surrey India Arts Club and many more. These dance schools cater to a huge and growing demand especially in Surrey as South Asian population in Surrey continues to grow and their community arts flourish. The numerous multicultural festivals and events across the city offer many opportunities for students of these dance schools to showcase their talents and spread awareness about their respective artistic styles. For instance one of the other partners, Nrityanjali Dance Academy participated in the Surrey Fusion Festival this year and their students also entered and won accolades at the Surrey Festival of Dance competition. The Artistic Director of the Spirit of Dance School performed at the recent Arts4All Festival presented by ArtsCan Resource Network. The Monsoon Festvial of Performing arts by  ‘South Asian Arts’ is becoming an established part of the cultural scene of Surrey City

South Asian and East Indian performing artists are successfully integrating their art forms with the mainstream artistic practice in the city and this important success story receives further recognition due to the collaboration between NAAD with many local partners to plan their event. Shri Raghavraj Bhatt is a well reputed internationally acclaimed Kathak dance exponent from India. He has travelled to Surrey especially to choreograph for this upcoming festival. He holds the festival organizers in high regard for creating a platform that highlights arts from India through the works of local Surrey based artists.

“The Punjabi community is well regarded back home as an industrious hard working community that has successfully built their lives in Surrey over many generations and prospered overcoming many challenges and barriers. I have come to their city with the message of spreading love through arts. It is wonderful to see the youngsters here put so much heart and passion into their dances and rehearsals” says Shri Bhatt. He encourages the participants to take risks, to reinvent whilst still holding on to the traditional foundations of each dance form. “Art must question the status quo, reinvigorate and at the same time it must heal, it must reflect the social mood and help us to celebrate.”

Many important objectives are accomplished through this platform of NAAD such as diverting kids away from negative habits, addictions towards creativity and innovation through artistic endeavours. Their goal is to create interest in the community and preserve the rich cultural heritage. Ultimately it is also about promoting peace and harmony through raising the consciousness of human beings. Naad refers to the Cosmic Sound that is the essence of all sounds.


It creates a perfect balance with the five elements of the universe: earth, fire, air, water & sky. To merge with the universal consciousness one must speak to the universe using the language of NAAD. Mr. Amarjeet Singh reiterates, “It is the magic created by this very art that people of different nations and backgrounds are able to communicate, understand and connect with each other in a beautiful way.”

The event will be held at the Surrey Arts Centre at 13750, 88 Avenue. Tickets are still available at $10 and the Box Office number is 604.501.5566

Daman Beatty
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