VIDEO: Doug McCallum Wins the 2018 Mayoral Race in Surrey

Surrey elects Doug McCallum along with several other of his affiliating councilors, replacing the Surrey First government who’ve served since 2005.

For the second time after his run between 1996 to 2005, McCallum wins the mayoral election by around 15,000 votes compared to his runner-up Tom Gill from Surrey First.

McCallum took the stage to thank his family, friends, fellow colleagues and supporters.

“We will not let you down. We will get it done,” McCallum said.

The new electoral mayor went on the address the first problems he would like to tackle.

“We’re going to take every parking meter on our streets or around a hospital. We’re going to have free parking,” he said as the crowd cheered.

As the first council meeting is a little ways away, McCallum said his plan during the meeting is to stop the production of the light-rail-transit and end the RCMP contract.

“First council meeting, we are going to stop the light-rail and we’re going to start building the SkyTrain,” he said.

“We will withdraw from the RCMP, and we will form our own police force.”

From 1996 – 2005, McCallum was the cities mayor. He attempted to be re-elected but was replaced with Dianna Watts and later lost again to the most recent mayor, Linda Hepner.

After two losses, McCallum says he understands what it’s like to lose.

He addressed his fellow mayoral candidates and said, “I know how hard it is to run. I also know how hard it is to lose elections. So I have a lot of sympathy for them.”

In previous municipality elections, voter turnout is the lowest at approximately 30%.

Despite the low voting numbers, McCallum said he is impressed with the voter turnout especially because of the lines that were developed outside numerous election polls with residents eager to get their vote counted.

“The people of Surrey have spoken,” McCallum said.

Nikitha Martins
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