Sher Vancouver re-launches the popular Out and Proud Project to mark the end of Section 377 in India

The Sher Vancouver Out and Proud Project was launched in December 2013 to counteract India’s anti-gay laws. Since that time, the project has profiled the coming-out stories of 18 amazing queer South Asians from around the world. There are interviews with fabulous queer people from Canada, USA, UK, India, and many more.

Check out the profiles of Farzana Doctor, Vivek Shraya, Sukhdeep Singh, Romi Chandra Herbert, Ian Iqbal Rashid, Christopher Logan, and Daniel Ashwin Pillai to name a few! The project is the brainchild of Sher Vancouver Founder Alex Sangha who wanted to make sure the global queer South Asian community had a platform to share their stories and act as role models and mentors for others.

The Out and Proud Project was also used as a resource by some teachers, professors, and educators from around the world. The project has attracted nearly 22,000 hits since its launch!

“It is a big victory for our Indian queer and transgender brothers and sisters to overturn parts of Section 377. Now many queer and transgender people can begin the slow process to feel good about themselves and their identity and celebrate their sexual and gender identity. They are no longer criminals,”
states Alex Sangha.

Sher Vancouver is encouraging queer and transgender South Asians from around the world to submit their coming-out stories to the Out and Proud Project. They can check out the site and get full details at

It is important to note that people are welcome to share their coming-out stories anonymously if their safety is at risk or they may be victims of persecution, oppression, and/or discrimination.

Surrey604 Staff
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